Rutger Hauer To Play Van Helsing in Dracula 3D

Rutger Hauer To Play Van Helsing in Dracula 3D

Kate Atherton Writes for Bleeding Cool:

Every decade needs at least one Dracula and this being the 2010s we get one in 3D. Dario Argento is directing Dracula 3D and now we learn from the Italian site Best Movie who will play the chief vampire menace, Van Helsing. It's Rutger Hauer.

Hauer is best known for Blade Runner but his film CV indicates that he may have the skills and expertise necessary for such a role. He is about to be seen in The Rite, although I'm not sure whether he is on the receiving end of undeadly menace. Further back in time, in 2005, Hauer played Dracula III in Dracula III. The year before, he was seen in the TV movie of Salem's Lot while, in the 1990s, Hauer was in Buffy. Need I say more?

Dracula 3D is set to begin filming in May, delayed from March, and one must wonder at the inclusion of '3D' in the title, a la Piranha 3D. The 3D was a vital component of the cinematic experience of Piranha 3D. It required some tongue in cheek.*

While Dracula 3D offers the possibility of an entirely new perspective on an extremely familiar figure of horror, and Rutger Hauer in the leading role is a good start, the 3D must, of course, hold its own and not replace an good plot and script.

Personally speaking, I find horror frightening enough without having Dracula chase his victim into the theatre and splash me with the blood of the innocent. I'm still getting over Love at First Bite.

*Editor's note: I disagree. That's like saying colour requires some camp, or suround sound requires some hipness.

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