Get Prepared for Summer with The Simpsons Sunblock!

So, I'll be honest. I'm super pale. Light bounces off of me when I'm walking along the beach during the summer. While most people give me solid life advice such as, "Get a tan," I ignore them. Skin cancer concerns aside, it takes a lot to keep my pasty white skin the same color as, well, glue, so I use the heck out of sunblock.

The Face Shop has become one of my favorite spots to buy skincare products. I've talked about their sheet masks before, but today I'm taking the less terrifying approach and using their Natural Sun Eco sunblock!

The packaging it super on point — Homer is about to jump into the water. Chances are good he's wearing sunblock! The sunblock is SPF 40 and goes on super smooth, light, and doesn't leave that weird filmy residue that a lot of other sunblocks do. Plus, it smells like a sports cologne. Not bad at all! Right now I'm only wearing it on my face since it's still winter, but I like it. It even adds a dab of moisture as well. This product is well worth the buy, if you can find it!

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