Mondo Offering New IG-88 Giclee For Star Wars Fans Tomorrow

Star Wars fans, especially of the bounty hunters, will want to have their browsers ready at the Mondo Store tomorrow. On sale at 11 AM CT on The Drop will be the latest in their Star Wars portrait series. The subject this time? Bounty hunter IG-88. Artist Mike Mitchell once again knocks this out of the park, even with the lack of a face to draw. This will be limited to only 525 pieces and will run you a cool $100 if you want it on your wall. And who wouldn't? Of all the Star Wars bounty hunters, IG has always been a personal favorite of mine. Arguably, the more famous IG unit is IG-11 now, thanks to The Mandalorian, but IG-88 will always be number one in my heart. You can see the print below.

Mondo Offering New IG-88 Giclee For Star Wars Fans Tomorrow
Mondo IG-88 Giclee

Mondo Star Wars IG-88 Giclee Details

"A new portrait of merciless android bounty hunter IG-88 by Mike Mitchell. Introduced to the Star Wars mythos in the first film as a Mos Eisley drink dispenser (!!!), IG-88 soon proved himself to be hard-wired for annihilation as a high-level trans-galactic assassin and top rival to the otherwise unparalleled Boba Fett.  Despite IG-88's lack of… well… a face, it's a particularly memorable portrait in Mitchell's ongoing series of timeless entertainment icons, human or otherwise. Hand-numbered limited edition 13"x19" giclee print, signed by Mike Mitchell."

I am actually a little surprised they aren't just going ahead and doing IG-11 at the same time. If nothing else, it might split the demand, and we would have a better shot at getting one of these. as it stands, Mondo gets hit pretty hard when this stuff drops, especially something Star Wars. As always, May The Force Be With You all and be sure to go here a few minutes early tomorrow and start refreshing.


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