Supernatural Short Film Stumpwater to Debut at Tremendicon

Having successfully conquered the comic book publishing business, genetically-engineered super writer Cullen Bunn has now set his sights on the ultimate endgame for anyone working in comics: getting filthy stinking rich in the movies. To that end, Bunn and collaborator Hollywood Heath Amodio formed the production company Hustle and Heart Films, with the stated mission of "working with creators to bring their visions to life through the comic book, television, and feature film mediums." And their new supernatural horror short film, Stumpwater, directed by Christian Fescine, will premiere next weekend at the Cannes of the Midwest, Tremendicon, in Springfield, in the Missouri Riviera.

Supernatural Short Film Stumpwater to Debut at Tremendicon

Here's the official description of the film:

Swumpwater is the tale of three down-on-their-luck friends who, after a night of drinking, decide to chance fate in pursuit of a rural legend. In the dark of night, deep in the woods, they face mysterious forces that could either grant them good fortune or kill them in a horrible fashion.

Stumpwater is produced in collaboration with Pop Films, and Amodio had the following to say about them:

I've always been impressed by the work that Pop Films does on their short films. Cullen and I really wanted to write something for them, and we couldn't be more excited about how it turned out.

And Bunn revealed this could just be the start:

When Heath came to me with the idea of doing a short horror film, the wheels started turning and they haven't stopped yet. Horror is, after all, where my heart is. We worked together to develop several ideas, and we sent a handful to Pop Films. There were a number of options, but Swumpwater rose to the top as everyone's favorite for this first outing. I have a feeling we'll be working together again.

Stumpwater, the first film project from Bunn and Amodio's Hustle and Heart Films, stars Guy Lemonnier, Everett Lauster, John Dalessio, and Kayla Orben. It is produced by Cullen Bunn, Heath Amodio, Christian Fescine, and Everett Lauster of Pop Films. Lauster had the following to say about how the project came about:

Shooting Indie Horror in Pennsylvania for several years, we've produced 13 short films and have a feature under our belt, but we have been looking to work with creatives in our genre.We were introduced to Cullen and that night were ecstatic going through multiple log lines trying to find the right project based on location and budget. Swumpwater stood out to us, the story felt nostalgic, like the kind of horror we grew up watching.

See Stumpwater on Friday, June 17th, at Tremendicon in person, or see it later that night on the Pop Films' YouTube channel.

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