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Supernatural Short Film Stumpwater to Debut at Tremendicon
To that end, Bunn and collaborator Hollywood Heath Amodio formed the production company Hustle and Heart Films, with the stated mission of "working with creators to bring their visions to life through the comic book, television, and feature film mediums." And their new supernatural horror short film, Stumpwater, directed by Christian Fescine, will premiere next[...]
Super Clean: CW, GLOW EP Sascha Rothchild Adapting Superhero Clean-Up Comic
As every-day citizens and mere mortals, we spend our days marvelling at those in capes and spandex who patrol our cities, put down the "big-bads," and allow us peacefully sleep at night? But what happens after the fights are over? Once the dust (and large chunks of concrete) has settled, who's there to clean up[...]