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Terminator Star Arnold Schwarzenegger "Franchise Not Done. I'm Done"

Arnold Schwarzenegger (FUBAR) talks about his Terminator franchise future, why last two films failed, and his signature catchphrase.

The Terminator franchise has largely been synonymous with star Arnold Schwarzenegger since his breakout sci-fi role in the 1984 James Cameron film, which helped vault both into superstardom. Even when Cameron moved on creatively from the franchise since 1991's Judgement Day before having some input on 2019's Dark Fate, Schwarzenegger has largely carried the franchise on his back in all six films save for his CG cameo in 2009's Salvation. Following the maligned Tim Miller film and returning to full-time work following his foray into politics, the actor spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his future in the Terminator franchise.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Candid About Terminator Franchise

"The franchise is not done. I'm done. I got the message loud and clear that the world wants to move on with a different theme when it comes to 'The Terminator,'" Schwarzenegger said. "Someone has to come up with a great idea. 'The Terminator' was largely responsible for my success, so I always would look at it very fondly. The first three movies were great. Number four [Salvation], I was not in because I was governor. Then five ['Genisys'] and six ['Dark Fate'] didn't close the deal as far as I'm concerned. We knew that ahead of time because they were just not well written."

Terminator Star Arnold Schwarzenegger "Franchise Not Done. I'm Done"
Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019). Image courtesy of Paramount

As far as his famous line in The Terminator, "I'll be back" that became Schwarzenegger's catchphrase he would parody in other projects, "I think about how it was an accident. ['Terminator' director] Jim Cameron and I were debating how to say the line because I was not comfortable with saying I'll.' I said, 'I think it's stronger to say, 'I will be back.' " Cameron said, "Are you the scriptwriter now? It's just one word. Don't tell me how to write. I don't tell you how to act." I said, "You tell me how to act every fucking minute! What are you talking about?!" So he says, "Arnold, you think it sounds weird. It doesn't. What makes it great is that you sound different than me or Charlie over there. That's what makes it work. So just say it 10 times. Say it in different ways. I'll keep rolling the camera. Then we'll choose one." So they set it up, and I say: "(Flatly) I'll be back … (cheerful) I'll be back! … (guttural) I'll beeee baaaack …" It sounded stupid."

For more, including Schwarzenegger reflecting on his career, his role as a social activist, and if there were any discussions about what he thought of the now-canceled True Lies TV series, Conan, and more, you can check out the interview here. FUBAR premieres on May 25th on Netflix.

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