Lone Wolf And Cub Meets The Zombie Battle Of Stalingrad – Mother Russia Comes To FUBAR

Alterna Comics is putting out their latest iteration of the zombie historical war comics FUBAR series in April, set in the Battle of Stalingrad in1943 Mother Russia #1 out in April sees female soviet sniper, Svetlana Gorshkov, discovers a perfectly healthy baby boy, slap bang in the middle of zombie apocalypse. The series has shown us the war in[...]

A Genuinely Free Comic Book Day From Fubar And 215 Ink

Comic book publishers FUBAR Press and 215 INK aren't in the official Free Comic Book Day But they are having a go anyway And targetting a specific group of stores, trying to get their free comics to fifty shops in the magic day.Unlike Free Comic Book Day comics, the retailers don't actually have to pay[...]

Kickstarter Beats Hollywood And Stan Lee On New York Times Bestseller List

This week, Stan Lee's Romeo And Juliet: The War has debuted at No 7 on the New York Times graphic novel paperback charts.Two weeks ago, FUBAR Vol 2 debuted at No 6 on the New York Times graphic novel paperback charts.FUBAR Vol 2 was the result of a Kickstarter project in August 2011, raising $6000[...]