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Report: True Lies Series Headed to Disney+ Schwarzenegger May Appear

Report: 'True Lies' Series Headed to Disney+, Schwarzenegger May Appear

Back in 2017, producer Marc Guggenheim had plans to reboot the 1994 True Lies film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as a tv series Seemed like a not-terrible idea, the concept of a spy and his wife getting tangled up in various shenanigans wouldn't be totally outside of the realm of possibly entertaining tv fare.That was kind of[...]

Jamie Lee Curtiss Little Black Dress from True Lies Sold for $3K

Jamie Lee Curtis's Little Black Dress from 'True Lies' Sold for $3K

Yesterday during Profiles in History's Icons & Legends of Hollywood auction, a costume worn by Jamie Lee Curtis during True Lies sold.Specifically, her little black dress from THAT ONE SCENE, where Helen Tasker (Curtis's character) has to "seduce" someone.. you know, her husband.The black velvet garment sold for $3,520 (USD) during day three of the auction.The listing for[...]

Hollywood Reacts To Bill Paxtons Death With Outpouring Of Tweets

Hollywood Reacts To Bill Paxton's Death With Outpouring Of Tweets

On a day where most of Hollywood is trying to squeeze itself into too small dresses and tuxedos, everyone has paused to reflect on the loss of Bill Paxton. While he never won an Oscar, is beloved by all who knew him and had a career of playing characters that were relatable, quotable, and generally […]