The Coffee And Cocoa That JJ Abrams Didn't Buy At Star Wars Celebration


Comic book retailer Dennis Barger was at Star Wars Celebration 3. It was reported that JJ Abrams bought pizza for those waiting in line. But it appears that wasn't the whole story. Dennis posted on Facebook,

So at c3 in Indy, the clowns that ran it, made fans and families wait outside in the unseasonable freezing rain and hail in April.

Myself, Spat Oktan and the incomparable ‪#‎jeromeblake‬ saw this and were disgusted. Spat, Jerome and I walked into a dinner across the street from the first part of the line and bought bought ever coffee and hot coco they had, and with the help of the‪#‎501stlegion‬ we handed out close to 300 cups to the people in line.

Of course since it was one of the Star Wars actors handing out the cups, people thought it was Lucas films, but it was not. It was even reported as such, but it was not.

I commend ‪#‎jjabrams‬ for carrying the torch of kindness. And once again urge promoters to consider that although you didn't start the line, you do need to care for the folks in it, because they are your customers.

"Look After Your Line" does have a certain ring to it.

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