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Star Wars Celebration Heads to Anaheim in 2020
Today, the folks at Lucasfilm announced the exact dates for Star Wars Celebration 2020, which will be taking place in Anaheim, California. If your calendar is free from August 27th through the 30th of 2020, you could always opt to join the annual celebration of Star Wars-ness, the largest gathering of fans in the world. Star Wars Celebration[...]
Kelly Marie Tran Got the BIGGEST Applause at Star Wars Celebration Today [SWCC]
Her light and enthusiasm is infectious, and we adored getting to witness her hearing the audience cheering for HER during today's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (formerly Episode IX) panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago today. Oscar Isaac, Kelly Marie Tran, and Joonas Suotamo during Star Wars Celebration 2019Photo by Bill WattersYou can see/hear a bit in this[...]
There's Gonna Be a Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago
We're about a month away from Star Wars Celebration Chicago, and the panel details keep on rollin' like those Ewok rocks on Endor. Today, it was the reveal of a panel all about the newly-built Star Wars lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Galaxy's Edge. According to StarWars.com, there will be a panel on Saturday April 13th[...]
star wars celebration
In today's video from Star Wars Today on StarWars.com, the time and place for 2019's Star Wars Celebration was finally announced There'd been speculation that it would return once again to the Anaheim Convention Center in August around D23's dates, however that turned out to be wildly off. It turns out that it will be held[...]
NFL To Allow A Little More Fun In The New Season
Policies were put in place to restrict the types of celebrations players could do after big plays and scores You couldn't use the ball as a prop, you couldn't go to the ground in celebration and you definitely couldn't celebrate as a group The days of Terrell Owens autographing a ball with a sharpie, the[...]
Cosplay Roundup From Star Wars Celebration
  Star Wars Celebration Orlando has come to a close and it's been a heck of an experience If you've kept up with our coverage over the weekend you'll know that our crew has been beating the bushes (and standing in lines) to bring you some of the breaking happenings throughout As with most pop-culture conventions these[...]
Daisy Ridley On Star Wars The Last Jedi Rough Cut Reactions: "It's Different"
The day might be over in Orlando at Star Wars Celebration, but that doesn't mean that news and updates have stopped emerging Fandango's managing editor Erik Davis managed to speak to Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) star Daisy Ridley about the film Sounds like she hasn't seen it yet, but that doesn't mean[...]
The Rebel Scum Descend On 'Star Wars Celebration Orlando' And Overwhelm Everyone
That being said it appears that the people handling Star Wars Celebration Orlando were unprepared for the sheer amount of Rebel scum that descended on the Orange County Convention Center. The chaos began late last night with stories of the overnight stay being unorganized and several hundred people cutting in line That mean that people who[...]
ReedPop Issues Statement about Today's Star Wars: Celebration Issues
Reports were coming in all day from our friends and colleagues in Orlando that Star Wars Celebration was extremely well attended (read: packed FULL of Star Wars fans from all over the world)  However, as we know, sometimes event the best-planned conventions end up with some challenges during their first day of operation – namely, the flow[...]
Simone Bianchi Draws Star Wars Episode 7….
At the Marvel panel yesterday at Star Wars Celebration III , CB Cebulski stated that Simone Bianchi would draw the seventh issue of their ongoing Star Wars comic, between the current John Cassaday run and the beginning of Stuart Immonen's already announced run starting with #8…. It will be a one shot story about Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine[...]
23 Photos From Star Wars Celebration Day One
Joshua Stone went to Star Wars Celebration III for Bleeding Cool, with camera in hand… here's a look at a little cosplay, toys and displays he sent back. Joshua Stone went to Star Wars[...]
The Coffee And Cocoa That JJ Abrams Didn't Buy At Star Wars Celebration
Comic book retailer Dennis Barger was at Star Wars Celebration 3 It was reported that JJ Abrams bought pizza for those waiting in line But it appears that wasn't the whole story Dennis posted on Facebook, So at c3 in Indy, the clowns that ran it, made fans and families wait outside in the unseasonable freezing rain[...]