The Last Guardian Creator Was Worried People Wouldn't Remember The Title


The Last Guardian remerged this E3, meaning the now mythical game that had retreated into hiding, finally poked its head out to smell the air once again. The gameplay looked stellar too. I was very impressed with what was shown during the Sony press conference.

However, the game's creator Fumito Ueda did have doubts about the title's reception before it was re-revealed. Speaking to PlayStation Blog, the Japanese designer said:

From my point of view, it was very unpredictable how the audience would react. I wasn't sure if people would remember the title. Admittedly I was a bit nervous, but after the announce [sic] I saw the reaction, and the cheering – and that proved to me that people had really been waiting and were excited to see us reveal The Last Guardian for PS4.

I'm not sure how anyone could forget the Last Guardian. The internet has been  avenously talking about it for six years now. At this point though, I just want to play it. It seems like I won't have too long to wait either, as the 2016 date imminent. I even have hunch it might launch in the first half of 2016, but that is purely guesswork. We will see.