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The Last Guardian Developers Tease New Game In 2023
GenDesign, the studio behind the 2016 game The Last Guardian, has teased that they have a brand new game coming this year If you're not entirely familiar with the company, it was founded by Fumito Ueda, the mind behind the now iconic games Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus Since their last game came out,[...]
The Last Guardian Developer May Have Teased its New Game in New Year Message
The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus director Fumito Ueda's studio GenDESIGN may have just teased its next game. The developer, created by Ueda and featuring other talent from Team ICO, worked a on The Last Guardian but shared a lot of the credit with other developers Their first solo project has yet to be[...]
The Last Guardian Has Seen A Permanent Price Drop
It's still odd to think about The Last Guardian as a product that is now 'out' For so long it was a mythical entity that felt like it would never be here, and we are now months past its release. And now it's going to be even cheaper Sony have told Polygon that the current listing for the[...]
Catch The First 9 Minutes Of The Last Guardian Right Here
The Last Guardian is just around the corner now, after years and years of being stuck in development hell For a long time, it had a bit of a mythic quality, not disimmilar to Half Life 3, but on Decemmber 9th, it will be made flesh. If you want to see how your journey will kick off,[...]
The Last Guardian Gets A Beautiful Cinematic Trailer Ahead Of Release
We are finally in the home stretch for The Last Guardian The game, after its long, long, long development cycle is finally just 18 days away. To really ram down how close we are, take a look at this new cinematic trailer for the title It shows off some of the bad guys in the game,[...]
The Last Guardian Shows Off Its Enemies And Danger In New Trailer
The Last Guardian, finally, is within touching distance Likely to be the last big drop on the gaming calender on December 6th, the game will have finally completed it's incredibly long production. While lots of what we have seen from the game can be somewhat tranquil, this new trailer is focused more on the dangers and[...]
Finally The Last Guardian Has Gone Gold
Finally, we are ready to go. Five years after the first reveal trailer at E3 2009, The Last Guardian is ready to go The famously delayed project won't suffer any more as the game has gone gold, ready to be shipped off and printed onto disc  It was revealed by Sony Exec that the game was[...]
Catch 14 Minutes Of The Last Guardian In New Footage
While The Last Guardian just got another delay, I'm still hopeful for the title I want to see it done properly after all this time, but a little glimpse would be nice too. Well, here is a glimpse for you right here Thanks to Dualshockers, here is a selection of footage from the game actually in[...]
The Last Guardian Has Been Delayed Again
The Last Guardian is famous at this point for how long it has been in production It finally felt like, after nearly 10 years, the game was tangiable though with it only a few weeks away. Well, it just been delayed once more I wouldn't worry too much though, it isn't a long one Speaking on[...]
The Last Guardian Director Is Very Interested In VR
The Last Guardian has a short showing at this year's E3, but I like that That game is going to benefit from not being spoiled. Team ICO look to have built a really interesting world, and it is one I want to exist in With that in mind, thinking about the game in VR is a[...]
The Last Guardian Gets A Short But Beautiful Trailer And A Final Release Date
There isn't a lot to The Last Guardian this year at E3, after the game's triumphant return last year from development hell. Honestly, I think that is great The trailer shown at Sony's E3 conference didn't show too much gameplay Honestly though, the less we see of the game at this point the better It showed[...]
Sony Are Holding Back The Last Guardian At Shows To Save Story Details
We really don't know a lot about The Last Guardian Despite the incredibly long development time, all we really know is it is about a boy and Trico the bird dog We know nothing of the story, the enemies we'll be fighting or the world the game will take place in. I thought we might have[...]
The Last Guardian Made An Adorable Appearance At TGS
A few days ago, I wrote that The Last Guardian was going to be at TGS 2015, but in more abstract way than usual I speculated that we may instead see some kind of installation, rather than a trailer Well, I was absolutely correct as this has come to pass. In this video shared by IGN,[...]
The Last Guardian Is Going To Make Some Kind Of Appearance At TGS
I said a while back, that The Last Guardian would turn up at Tokyo Game Show in the perfect world Well, turns out we are living in a perfect world. Creative on the game Fumito Ueda's new company genDESIGN, tweeted out a picture of the BirdDog, revealed as Trinco, saying that he would be at the[...]
The Last Guardian Director Says Delay Was Sony's Decision
Well, this is quite interesting. I'd heard of rifts between The Last Guardian's creator Fumito Ueda and Sony for a while now, but with him being in the crowd at PlayStation's Press Conference and the game coming next year, it seems those divisions have been smoothed over. Having said that though, some of those cracks may be visible[...]
The Last Guardian Creator Was Worried People Wouldn't Remember The Title
The Last Guardian remerged this E3, meaning the now mythical game that had retreated into hiding, finally poked its head out to smell the air once again The gameplay looked stellar too I was very impressed with what was shown during the Sony press conference. However, the game's creator Fumito Ueda did have doubts about[...]
E3: The Last Guardian Resurfaces For 2016
Sony decided to use tonight to renounce the long troubled The Last Guardian. Team Icos game resurfaced tonight after a 6 month hiatus and it looked stellar That famous dog bird was back and cute as ever too THe platforming was lovely and I liked everything I saw The dynamic relationship from the cute guardian to[...]
Rumour Suggests This Is Finally The E3 The Last Guardian Gets Announced
I like how I have a three month timer on when to expect a new rumour regarding long in development game The Last Guardian that is pretty accurate It makes writing the news easier However, this is the build up to E3, so in a way, I'm surprised I'm not dealing with this every day[...]
The Last Guardian Trademark Has Been Applied For By Sony
There was a bit of an outcry when sources learnt that The Last Guardian trademark had been 'abandoned' by Sony Some took this as an end to the long in-production game's development Others, like me, were skeptical. Turns out my skepticism was well founded As spotted by NeoGAF, a third trademark application has been made on[...]
Sony Confirm The Last Guardian Is Still In Development
Last night, I expressed that I didn't believe Sony had cancelled production on The Last Guardian despite the company abandoning a North American trademark I truly believe the game is coming out by hell or highwater. Sony have now confirmed this by clarifying to GameSpot that the game is indeed still in production A Sony representative said[...]
The Last Guardian Has 'Abandoned' Its Trademark But It Might Not Mean Too Much
The Last Guardian is up there with Half Life 3 as one of the biggest elusive games going that are supposedly in development. Perhaps it's no longer elusive though as NeoGAF pointed out that The Last Guardian was 'abandoned' as a trade mark in North America The United States Patent and Trademark Office website shows that as of writing. Now,[...]
The Last Guardian Is Still Coming, But 'Under Completely New Conditions'
The Last Guardian has garnered a sort of mythical reputation It's up there with Half-Life 3 as games with fable like qualities that fans don't expect to ever actually see It was announced in 2009 at E3 by Team Ico, the developer behind the classic, Shadow of the Colossus. Then it went quiet, and it remains[...]
The Path To E3 – Sony As Contender With A Lot Of Baggage But Some New Trademarks
Here's hoping. [youtube][/youtube] The Order: 1886: While I'm personally not a fan of a game returning to E3 after its first visit, this is another given due to it being one of the most well-remembered games from the last E3.  Additionally, the title has been delayed until around February next year, making it a lock for a[...]