Todd Mcfarlane Says the Production for Spawn Will Be Very Low Key

Todd Mcfarlane has been saying for years that he's going to make a Spawn movie and do it right this time. It wasn't until movies like Deadpool and Logan that proved there is an audience for R-rated comic book movies if they are well done. Now that Jamie Foxx has been cast as Spawn in this movie it looks like production is finally going to get off the ground. However, according to Mcfarlane who spoke to, we won't know a lot about this production.

"If because of an actor's schedule, we got to move [the release date] or if for whatever reason, the shot takes a little longer, we got to move it. Then if you say too specifically what the day you give them, be a week or two weeks, then all of a sudden you'll read an article somewhere, and people say, 'It's a troubled production! Troubled, troubled production!'"

Which is very true. There are things that happen in movies all the time that are getting blown out of proportion. The biggest one is that reshoots somehow mean the entire movie is doomed. These production problems can really hurt a movie and Mcfarlane is looking to avoid that with Spawn.

"It's coming," McFarlane promised. "We've been doing protocol pre-production stuff already. It's not sexy stuff. They're will be more of a posting on my social media. It's sort of the tedious parts stuff, putting together something that is going to take so many people. Every day, it's another step forward in getting to actual cameras rolling."

While Mcfarlane is keeping things fairly close to the chest for now he does assure fans that things are moving along the way they should be and not to worry. He goes on to say that while we won't know much of the behind-the-scenes stuff Mcfarlane will still share some details on social media.

"I'll be sharing some of the information, especially while I'm filming," McFarlane said. "I'm going to be there on the set with people….I'm going to share some of the fun of making a movie. So, yeah, we're scheduled. So, it's coming. You know, I don't have a date, but it's coming. We'll be open."

Mcfarlane basically wants to control the tone surrounding his production which sort of makes sense. He's very close to Spawn, it's a passion project that he has been working on for years, but trying to control all of the news about it is just another job Mcfarlane is going to have to do. He's already directing, writing, and producing this movie, does he really need to dictating the media as well? We'll have to see if he manages to pull that off.

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