Why A Teen Titans Film Could Be Beneficial for the DC Roster

Teen Titans is one of the more established titles of the DC universe, having seen various incarnations with animated series, a live-action series, and consistent publication for decades. 

When (the now-defunct) DC Universe came into existence, their idea to launch original series required a grab like Titans to entice subscribers, and fans of that series will get to continue enjoying it with a third season over at HBO Max. With DC and Warner Bros. continuing to expand what the film universe contains (welcome to the new normal), there seem to be endless opportunities to tell whatever story they want with the option to tie-in to others or as standalone projects. So after testing just about every form of Teen Titans adaptations, why aren't we talking about the inevitable choice for the young heroes cinematic team-up? 

We Could Use Another Team

Justice League was the first large roster of heroes for DC's cinematic domain, but the obvious complications basically destroyed our chances at seeing a Justice League 2. Warner Bros. has provided other chances for team titles through the Director's cut labeled Zack Snyder's Justice Leagues, Suicide Squad 2, and Birds of Prey — but something like Teen Titans could be a fresh take by focusing on the next generation of heroes. (Justice League had its shot, the Titans are just as deserving!)

Teen Titans
Teen Titans #13 by Chad Hardin Cover. Credit: DC Comics

Aside from the canceled Justice League sequel, DC is very into incorporating major film-events crossovers which play a large role in the upcoming Flash film. We're supposedly getting to see various incarnations of Batman and an introduction to Supergirl, so the desire to round-up caped heroes is both obvious and necessary.

The Best Opportunity for Introductions

With a title like Teen Titans (or the more appropriately titled Titans), there are a lot of noteworthy characters just waiting to join the DC universe.

Most of the characters that make up the Teen Titans are solid, beloved characters that work well as a cohesive unit — but they're all characters that I don't foresee getting solo films like Flash, Shazam, or Wonder Woman. If we dive into something that's tied to the Titans, we would get to see a few powerhouse introductions that the DC universe could benefit from, including Starfire, Raven, and even potentially the Conner Kent version of Superboy in place of a cinematic Superman.

With a lot of standings for actors and their respective characters being up in the air, it could be a great introductory point for those wanting something outside of the typical stoic roles in the Justice League — with just as much power to impress dedicated fans.

Bountiful Villains

The Teen Titans have always been successful through their various incarnations because of the well-balanced rivalries with some unique villains.

Deathstroke is obviously one of the first (and most threatening) foes to face-off against the Titans, and since Batman vs. Deathstroke isn't happening, the Titans are next in line. We have also come to love major foes like the organization known as H.I.V.E., the devil-like entity, and Raven's father Trigon, or perhaps the idea of Titans East to give them more individual rivalries. There's even the simple yet effective concept of a built-in villain Raven, considering the influence of her father and the DC Comics Presents the role of Dark Raven.

There are so many characters from the comics and animated storylines that it would feel like you could easily create a few films with strong heroes and villains — without ever needing to overlap with the larger titles they are working on like Batman and Wonder Woman

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