Baking Our Minds: Growing Up in the New World Order

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Baking Our Minds: Growing Up in the New World Order

I was recently sent a copy of Growing Up in the New World Order, a light graphic novel written by Tom Hoover and illustrated by Michael Lee. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by a cover, but I couldn't help but do so. It features a young boy, the classic Illuminati pairing of a pyramid and an eye, and a huge red x. Needless to say, I was putting on my tinfoil hat before I opened it up at all. When I flipped it over there was a simple black backdrop and a singular line of white text:

So what you need to ask yourself, kiddo, is where did all this start and who is pulling your strings?

Let's just say that I was ready to dive in.

The graphic novel opens with a two-page letter that is a full on rant about subliminal messaging and consumerism.

It asks a series of questions that urge you to respond with your own opinions. I am a huge fan of conspiracy theories. I even took a class about them in high school. I do believe that the introduction was too preachy. It came across a little "this is the point that I am making and it is the truth, if you're brave enough to accept it." It didn't turn me off of the idea of the novel, but I knew to mentally prepare myself for the dramatics.

growing-up-in-the-new-world-order-image-threeThe artwork was simple, but effective. The color choices were appropriately bold and muted at the right times. The layout was different than I originally expected. Each page consists of one colorful image with a line of text that the top of each page and a white border with darkened sketches of objects that the media consistently tries to push, such as, women (sex), skulls (violence), fast food (cheap and convenient) and dollar signs (self explanatory). There were moments where I actually laughed out loud, which is always a big plus.

In general, there were quite a few comparisons between the human race and sheep, how they willingly go along with Big Brother, the Big Bad Wolf. Together, the main character and I (who we first meet as a child) dove into a tale of the evils of technology, how people no longer look up at the sky, and essentially the "dumbing down" of the population. The main character, who remained nameless, didn't agree with the advancement of society. He refused to be chipped, making him an organic person, who wasn't tracked by the government. He was a slave to an advertising job, where he left secret messages in his work, all pointing to a final attempt to change the world: YOU MUST WAKE NOW.

You Must Wake Now

After a look into the void (a few black pages), we are presented with a bonus chapter, where we head back to the fifties, dipped in sepia hues. Imagine what they would think now.

Although I don't agree with everything that was covered, I do believe it is an excellent read, especially with the way that the world is progressing. I give it 3 out of 5 Orwellian Overlords. I leave you with one final thought, the ending of the author's introduction.

So let's get beyond this, shall we? Seeking the truth should be applauded, not mocked. Just because the facts are unpleasant doesn't make it a falsehood. That's your artificial programming speaking.

Let's proceed with love in our hearts, knowledge in our minds, and creativity in our souls.

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