A Message from Mark Waid as Humanoids Releases Pushed to September

Mark Waid, Publisher of Humanoids, has released another letter to fans as the company once again adjusts its release schedule. Waid says that Humanoids remains committed to delivering previously announced projects and continues to sign new projects as well. However, Humanoids' slate of releases has been delayed until December, according to a new schedule posted on the company's website. Previously, Waid had said releases would be delayed for at least one month as the comics industry reckoned with an industry-wide shutdown that has seen the cessation of publication of new weekly comics. Collected editions and OGNs have continued to come out through the bookstore distribution channel from most publishers. Others have continued releasing digital-first comics.

It's interesting that Humanoids would push their comics all the way back to September. A lot of publishers have been keeping things open-ended, perhaps in hopes that the shutdown will end sooner and the industry can recover quickly. That stance echoes some of the optimism we've seen in the world at large, though Humanoids' position may be the more realistic one. Read Mark Waid's message and see Humanoids' new release schedule below.

A Message from Mark Waid

Stories are important. In times like these—especially in times like these—narrative is an invaluable aid to let our minds relax and our spirits soar. At Humanoids, we're putting the health and safety of our employees and partners first, but we're lucky enough to be working with passionate comics artists and writers the world over who are devoted to the value of entertainment. I don't think they'd put down their pencils even if we asked them.

Though COVID-19 has temporarily impacted our schedule, we aren't wasting any time to ensure that our future is filled with new stories that we can share with you as soon as possible. We are actively working with creators, guaranteeing that previously announced projects arrive while signing new projects. But to ensure the safety and prosperity of our creative community, retailer peers, and staff, Humanoids will be taking a short break in releasing new material.

We'll be back later this summer with books to amaze and astound. See you then. Please see the updated schedule below for more details.

– Mark Waid

Publisher, Humanoids

The new release schedule from Humanoids, which sees new publications pushed back to at least September.
The new release schedule from Humanoids, which sees new publications pushed back to at least September.


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