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But Humanoids is fearless, so they signed a three-book deal with Ibrahim Moustafa, and his first book is Count, a science fiction adaptation of The Count Of Monte Cristo. Count cover Credit: Humanoids The Count Of Monte Cristo is a long book, so I should credit Moustafa with a great job condensing the 800+ page original into[...]
Further Deconstructing The Metabarons
Deconstructing The Metabarons from Humanoids isn't what I expected I expected a scholarly dissection of what is now referred to as the First Cycle of the iconic science fiction comic (I wrote about the Second Cycle of the Metabarons here if you're interested.) Deconstructing The Metabarons cover Credit: Humanoids Deconstructing The Metabarons isn't that[...]
Some Thoughts on The Metabarons: Second Cycle
(Rumor has it there's supposed to be another two albums coming, but Humanoids remains mum on that.) The Metabarons: Second Cycle, alt cover The Metabarons (now called The Metabarons: First Cycle) is the iconic gonzo science fiction comic from Alejandro Jodorowsky and Juan Giménez It reads like Jodorowsky's combination of Dune and Star Wars, expertly drawn and[...]
Let's Be Bastards! New Graphic Novel Introduces Space Mailmen With a Violent Twist
Humanoids To Republish Space Bastards In 2021 #humanoids #spacebastards     Last year saw Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey Kickstart the graphic novel Space Bastards, with artists Darick Robertson, Simon Bisley and Gabriel Bautista. The premise for payment is simple; whoever delivers the package gets the cash, and they can use any means necessary to do so.  Roy Sharpton,[...]
Matthieu Coppet Named Group Chief Operating Officer of Humanoids
Humanoids have named a new Group Chief Operating Officer today: Matthieu Coppet Coppet is set to work alongside CEO Fabrice Giger with a goal of expanding Humanoids It seems that they are already on their way to doing just that, as they also announced earlier this year the acquisition of comics veteran Mark Waid as Publisher[...]
Humanoids Release Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius Incal Short
Ahead of their release of The Incal, a title that all involved are sure to put a very clear emphasis on the second syllable in order to avoid confusion, Humanoids has released a rare Metabaron short story from famed filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and the legendary Mœbius This is part of their upcoming plans to publish a two-volume[...]
Mark Waid and Ibrahim Moustafa Talk the Future of Humanoids
Now, as restrictions ease and COVID-19… well, continues to spread horrifically, publishers have decided it's time to look toward the future. Mark Waid, comics guru and internet personality, has important news for Humanoids, where he works as Publisher First up, the company has signed Ibrahim Moustafa to a three-book deal The Eisner-nominated writer/artist is known for his[...]
Miss. Better Living Through Crime by Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou & Mark Vigouroux from Humanoids.
On Tuesday, May 5th, Humanoids released a comics bundle through Groupees to benefit The Hero Initiative Like with most bundles, the tiered system is weighted towards the highest tier ($15), which is where you can find Barbarella and The Eyes Of The Cat Humanoids and Groupees are also adding volumes of Legend Of The Scarlet[...]
Steve Geppi Talks Live With Direct Market Pulishers
He will be joined by a number of publishers, including Gary Groth of Fantagraphics with whom Geppi had quite the turbulent relationship with back in the days that The Comic Journal rolled the roost, He is joined by Ross Richie of Boom Studios, Dirk Wood of IDW and former Fantagraphics and Boom editorial employee Mark[...]
Metal Hurlant - Selected Works-cover
Humanoids sent me a .pdf of their new collection Metal Hurlant: Selected Works contains the best of the non-Alejandro Jodorowsky stories from the 2000's revival of the magazine Metal Hurlant Humanoids already collected the Jodorowsky stories in a small hardcover called Screaming Planet, which you could say Metal Hurlant: Selected Works is a sister release. The[...]
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(Strangely, Humanoids' website doesn't list this edition of Armies anymore Just the softcover.) Dan Brown's colors don't detract from the work, and Brown tastefully adds to it, but given the way Dionnet and Pat Mills talk about the black and white version, I'd like to see that as well. Armies' scene of family mutilation inspires Jodorowsky[...]
The new release schedule from Humanoids, which sees new publications pushed back to at least September.
Mark Waid, Publisher of Humanoids, has released another letter to fans as the company once again adjusts its release schedule Waid says that Humanoids remains committed to delivering previously announced projects and continues to sign new projects as well However, Humanoids' slate of releases has been delayed until December, according to a new schedule posted[...]
Humanoids has released a preview of Little Josephine, the graphic memoir written by Valérie Villieu with art by Raphaël Sarfati, in bookstores now Much of the comic book industry is currently in a state of shutdown, but distribution through the bookstore market continues While this situation is unpleasant in a lot of ways, it does[...]
Mark Waid Appointed as Publisher Of Humanoids
LA-based comic book publisher Humanoids has issued the following update from Publisher Mark Waid to comic book retailers He writes, After a great deal of internal deliberation and consultation with key retailers, Humanoids has elected to delay shipments to our retail partners for, at minimum, the next four weeks, after which we'll reassess the situation[...]
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Comic book writer/editor/retailer/publisher Mark Waid, in his role as publisher of Humanoids, and channelling a recent history as a rather comic store owner, issued the following statement; A MESSAGE FROM MARK WAID Retailing comics is already a tough way to live, we all know that Now this, on top of that? As a storeowner myself, I have[...]