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When Disney Takes Over, Fox Corp. Will be What's Left of 21st Century Fox
The not-so-vestigial remnants of 21st Century Fox that aren't slated to be absorbed once Disney has completed it's acquisition now has a name: Fox Corp. As part of a registration statement filed with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, 21st Century Fox indicated that the company to be spun-off will include the company's branded news, sports[...]
21st Century Fox Invests $100 Million in Social Stream Service Caffeine
Chalk this one up to surprises of the week as 21st Century Fox just threw a ton of cash into the online broadcast service Caffeine Thethe social broadcasting platform that has primarily been used as an alternative for gamers who can't get anywhere on Twitch or Mixer just got a massive investment of $100 million[...]
disney 21st Century Fox logo
As rumors that Disney is getting closer to buying 21st Century Fox assets, one of the competing suitors has dropped from the competition The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Comcast is no longer pursuing a deal Experts are saying that this development signals a deal may be close with Disney The Philadelphia-based cable giant[...]
Marvel Strike Force
Marvel Entertainment and FoxNext Games, a division of 21st Century Fox, have announced and released a teaser trailer for new mobile game Marvel Strike Force. A strategy RPG coming out next year that sees the players assemble teams of heroes and villains from Marvel's extensive roster to fight off an alien invasion. The story for the game[...]
Report: Rupert Murdoch's Plans To Completely Control Sky In Europe On Track
Watch out, citizens of Europe! 21st Century Fox is looking to control the sky, and the European Commission may be willing to hand it over to them! To be clear, no corporate entity should be allowed to control the sky It belongs to all of us We here at Bleeding Cool certainly aren't going to stand[...]