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Set for 2023, the 3D-animated series will be produced in France and be based on Asterix and the Big Fight, where the Romans (after a steady stream of embarrassments courtesy of Asterix and his village crew) organize a brawl between rival Gaulish chiefs and try to fix the result by kidnapping a druid along with[...]
Aaron and Dauterman's Mighty Thor #1 Reprinted in 3D and a Polybag for April
Marvel continues to reprint classic comics in high-tech 3D, though this time it's one of a more recent vintage getting the treatment Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's Mighty Thor #1 will be re-released in April in mind-boggling (read: headache-inducing) 3D, and locked inside a polybag to prevent you from ever opening it lest you spoil[...]
Troy Little's Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons #1- 3D Variant
Dungeons & Dragons #1 will be printed in glorious 3D And we aren't talking about no newfangled lenticular stuff either This is old school 3D, the kind that only gives you a headache if you look at it without the glasses It comes with a pair of 3D glasses, by the way, as well as a[...]
Ready Player One poster magic
Do you remember those Magic Eye books from the '90s? Apparently someone at WB sure does, because this set of three Ready Player One posters are a big giant 3D homage to them. Posted early this morning, the three posters are color coordinated with the Keys from Anorak's quest (copper, jade, and crystal) and offer some kind[...]
SDDC 2015 Encounters: The 3-D Art Of Todd Reis Will Blow You Away
One such instance is sometime in 1982 after the DC/Marvel X-Men and Teen Titans crossover book drawn by Walt Simonson came out and Reis made a 3D Shadowbox of its cover for Simonson In exchange, Simonson made a huge, gorgeous piece with Batman battling the Joker Reis said before he got the gift, then-Batman Editor[...]
Every Retailer Gets A 3D Dancing Deadpool #34
In a hilarious (probably) move, Marvel produced a 3D motion cover variant for Deadpool #34, the issue in which we discover some big Original Sin about his life (and not just that he has a daughter). And the let retailers order one for every 52 copies of the normal cover they ordered 52 Geddit? Yes, it's a[...]
James MacAvoy Speaks Out On 3D Films – And Scottish Independence
James MacAvoy appeared on BBC's Sunday morning politics and culture show, The Andrew Marr Show, to promote X-Men: Days Of Future Past. With X-Men First Class, he was rather dismissing of 3D films – and now Days Of Future Past is one He said, Thank God this movie is not in 3D, which is just an excuse[...]
Your First Look At A DC Comics 2014 3D Cover In The Wild…  Batwing!
  From the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas, our first look at a live 3D cover for this September, namely Batwing Retailers were reminded that all orders placed for these September books at the end of this month will be fixed… They also showed off the full Superman #32 by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr[...]
Would You Spent Fourteen Hours Watching A 3D Cerebus Being Printed?
After all, you made it through Melmoth. Right now George Peter Gatiss is printing a 3D Cerebus It has only just started and will take 14 hours And there is a webcam on it right now. I mean you could go to ECCC You could fill in your DC Talent Survey Or you can go here, with[...]
The Castle of Horror Podcast's Haunted House Retrospective Presents: Dario Argento's Dracula 3D
By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman [audio:http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-99734/TS-834854.mp3] Bleeding Cool welcomes The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight for its third appearance, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a look at horror movies, choosing one movie a week to discuss in depth. They say: We look at[...]
DC Comics' 3D Covers Return For September 2014's Five Years Later Event (VISUAL UPDATE)
The 3D lenticular covers used to launch Villains Month And hideously underprinted as China ran out of enough plastic to make them (apparently) leaving retailers heavily allocated and everyone scrabbling to get a 3D cover for Joker's Daughter. Some people got burned. But now… they're back! Announced at DC Day at ComicsPRO Retailer Summit in Atlanta, Georgia,[...]
Unity #1 3D Cover Hits $338 On eBay – But Had A High Bid Of $427
Goodness. Most retailers who ordered Unity #1 at returnable levels will be getting one copy of Unity #1 3D Cover, as shown on Bleeding Cool the other day Other copies will be made available for every 100 copies of Unity #1 ordered that each retailer doesn't return. Which means that each retailers with spare copies on their[...]
Valiant's 3D Unity Cover – Unboxing And Then Putting It On eBay (UPDATE)
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQO7s9wAuoU[/youtube] Anything DC can do, Valiant can do… well in America rather than China. The Valiant Unity #1 3D cover, available to retailers for every 100 copies of Unity #1 that they choose not to return Since issue #1 was made fully returnable, many retailers overordered to test the market[...]
Gravity — The Bleeding Cool Review
The 3D works beautifully The soundtrack, which grows from chilly outer-space electronics to a soaring, rousing cathedral of orchestration, is one of the stars of the film And the performances in what is essentially a two-hander are just perfect. George Clooney is one of those unflappable all-American heroes, filled with the Right Stuff Sandra Bullock, as[...]
Yes, Retailers, You Can Still Buy Some DC 3D Villains Month First Prints…
The 3D Villains Month covers may have been horrifically allocated But it looks as if, somehow, a few are still available through Diamond Comic Distributors Each linked to a recent eBay sale for the respective comic… Doomsday Metallo Parasite Killer Croc Sinestro First Born Ocean Master Secret Society Although there's only 25 Doomsdays at the last count[...]
Marketshare Per Comic For September 2013 – DC Still Dominates, Depending How You Look At It
And this month we really see why. NEW TITLES SHIPPED PUBLISHER COMICS SHIPPED GRAPHIC NOVELS SHIPPED MAGAZINES SHIPPED TOTAL SHIPPED DC ENTERTAINMENT 129 22 0 151 MARVEL COMICS 67 32 0 99 IMAGE COMICS 39 15 0 54 DARK HORSE COMICS 27 19 0 46 IDW PUBLISHING 32 12 0 44 DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT 31 5 0 36 BOOM! STUDIOS 19 6 0 25 AVATAR PRESS 8 2 1 11 VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT 7 2 0 9 EAGLEMOSS 0 0 4 4 OTHER PUBLISHERS 85 140 33 258 While the standard marketshare stats give DC Comics a massive lead for September, because Diamond counted 3D and 2D covers separately, DC Comics doesn't do so well in the[...]