Going Back Almost A Decade To Get Paint Everywhere In 'De Blob'

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De Blob was originally released almost nine years ago on the Wii as one of the system's early puzzle platformers made by a third party. I didn't get a chance to play it at the time, but I do remember seeing it in stores and thought it looked all right. Now I get my chance to play the game a little older and wiser, as THQ Nordic (who ended up with the rights to the game) have published de Blob on PC.


The plot is pretty simple to follow — you're put in a colorless world where the ever-controlling Ink Corporation have turned everything in Chroma City black and white. You start the game as a colorless Blob who crawls up out of the sewers and is quickly recruited by the Professor, leader of the Color Underground, who are determined to bring color back to this world.

You make your way around each level, using "color energy" to thwart enemies and bring life back to the city. You have a small crew led by the Professor to help you along the way, teaching you new techniques and ways to get the color across as you work together to bring the underground to the top.


De Blob is easy to grasp, if a bit brief. You'll be given ways to turn yourself one of the primary colors and bounce around the board to take out enemies and paint the town red (quite literally). The one catch is that all of the levels are timed, so you can't just spend 10 minutes painting a bunch of stuff and then go after the enemies — you have to mix both into one single mission so you can beat the clock while taking care of the objective. Every course is self-contained and not too expansive; think of it as an extra large Splatoon level, but with bouncing.


Throughout every level you'll run across different items like Transformers, which will turn a specific area into a colorful landscape, or random sheep that will give you additional time when changed color. You'll also encounter small police-like creatures called Guardians who hold different kinds of paint in their canisters for you to defeat and absorb. The world itself is fun to play around, as you change clock towers and neighborhoods into colorful places for people to enjoy. The music is kind of bubbly and puts your mind at ease. Honestly, this may be the perfect game for stoners to get high, grab a bad of chips, and just veg out playing.


De Blob isn't the most challenging game, but it doesn't get dull. It makes me want to go find a Wii copy and explore its features, because it doesn't seem like there was a lot to this game that warranted it being on a Nintendo system. Especially one with innovative controllers, which this doesn't really utilize, as I could use a 360 controller and do just fine.

There's a four-player option to the game, but it doesn't really work well and is just kind of there. Like, it's an option, but not really an option. And that's the remaining feeling: There probably could have been more added, but it just isn't here. I recommend it for kids and adults looking for something to just chill out to between intensive games.

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