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piggy's tale nycc 2017
A Piggy's Tale, created and co-written by Tod Emko and illustrated/co-written by Ethan Young The story takes us through the adventures of Piggy, the three-legged super-pup, who makes the world a better place one rescue at a time The best part is Piggy is based on his real-life counterpart (Piggy) whom I luckily got to[...]
We Be Geeks Episode 139: Further Piggy Adventures Of Tod Emko & Ethan Young
We talk about Tod and Ethan's 4 issue mini-series A Piggy's Tale, written by Tod and illustrated by Ethan We find out what the future may hold for A Piggy's Tale We talk about their con experiences, (including Tod's geek out moment with a certain Counselor from STNG) as well as the ups and downs[...]
An Indie Comics Table Vandalized Ahead Of C2E2 Gives Cons A Bad Name(UPDATE)
They put on their best face and get set to reach out to the public–particularly if it's a kid and animal friendly labor of love like the successfully Kickstartered series A Piggy's Tale, by Tod Emko and Ethan Young Emko and Young had even produced special variants for C2E2 ahead of the show featuring their[...]
A Piggy's Tale # 3 Shows Us That A Hero Comes In All Sizes
By Julz Hendricks There are so many things to love about A Piggy's Tale It's all ages, has an encouraging message, and its main character is a brave superhero dog Piggy is not just a story though, but a real rescue dog that can tell when people are sad It's his unique superpower, and the inspiration[...]
A Piggy's Tale #2 – Fighting Crime With Empathy And A 'Gross-bow'
I'm so excited to give you a little glimpse into A Piggy's Tale issue 2, as I adored every second. Magee, evil super villain, has a special ray that will take Melanie's powers of hearing animals talk, and transfer that power to himself That way he can broadcast a message to Piggy and steal his flying[...]
Panel 2 Panel Presents: Tod Emko And Ethan Young Of A Piggy's Tale!
By Panel to Panel [audio:http://s51.podbean.com/pb/1e3cb5bb50997fd7b6541277ffe46c4a/53596dfd/data1/blogs60/642330/uploads/panel2Panel45.mp3] Bleeding Cool welcomes back the Panel 2 Panel podcast team, joined by Tod Emko and Ethan Young of the all-ages animal-rescue superhero comic (that's right), A Piggy's Tale They say: This week Tod Emko returns to Panel 2 Panel to talk more about his book A Piggy's Tale that has recently hit stores[...]