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'A Piggy's Tale' Is One Of The Feel-Good Stories Of NYCC 2017

Adam Wolfe writes from New York Comic Con 2017:

Are you looking for a feel-good story about a wonderful dog and his adventures? How about a story that teaches kids how to properly treat, love, and respect their pets and animals? OK, aren't sold yet? How about a book where the proceeds go directly to charity, ensuring animals all over the country are rescued and cared for?

A Piggy Tale NYCC 1

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, I have the story for you. A Piggy's Tale, created and co-written by Tod Emko and illustrated/co-written by Ethan Young. The story takes us through the adventures of Piggy, the three-legged super-pup, who makes the world a better place one rescue at a time. The best part is Piggy is based on his real-life counterpart (Piggy) whom I luckily got to meet at NYCC 2017!

Like any good superhero, Piggy didn't always have it easy. In 2009, Emko rescued Piggy in the Dominican Republic after he was tragically struck by a bus. He sadly lost a leg in the process. They said he got his name due to his hairless state that makes him look like a piglet. Emko claims that due to his traumatic past, Piggy can naturally empathize with those facing trauma in their lives today. Not only does Piggy play a superhero in the book, but he is a real-life hero, supporting children with special needs. Piggy has been visiting schools as a therapy dog for two years.

Thankfully, guided by Young's insight of the comic book industry (and his stellar art), Emko was able to collaborate and bring his vision to print. It is in its fifth issue as of right now.

The book not only focuses on Piggy saving humans, but what we as humans can do to better the lives of our furry friends. Emko has brought in Kim Diaz as a teacher volunteer to write an entire humane curriculum around the graphic novel. The book itself is brought in to schools as a sort of textbook for humane and environmental education. A Piggy's Tale is even being sent overseas to areas in "at-risk ecosystems" to better educate children on the impact they can have on the future.

A Piggy Tale NYCC 2

So, if you want to go and learn more about Piggy, his story, and the humane curriculum featured in his books, you can go to There you can find him on Twitter and Facebook! Also, you can go to to learn more about the animal organization that 100% of the funds go to.

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