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Brian K. Vaughan On Runaways Y: The Last Man And Saga Adaptations

Brian K. Vaughan On Runaways, Y: The Last Man, And Saga Adaptations?!

First up, Runaways, the Marvel Comics series by Vaughan and Adrian Alphona which will be launching as a Hulu TV series in early 2018 (as well as a comic book reboot, possibly written by Rainbow Rowell, this year): I just did a little consulting early in the process, but I think the Runaways found the ideal ‘foster[...]

TLDR Catches Us Up On Kamala Khan Becoming Ms. Marvel

TL;DR Catches Us Up On Kamala Khan Becoming Ms. Marvel

Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona focused on the first Muslim character to headline a series The character's origin ties into the Terrigen Bomb / Cloud that released her dormant Inhuman abilities This TL;DR was written by Noah Sterling, Max Dweck and drawn by Jina Noh. Marvel has rolled out a new TL;DR (Too[...]

Bleeding Cools 11 Best Comics Of 2014

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

Willow Wilson, with art by Adrian Alphona and colors by Ian HerringWhen announced, it was seen by many commenters as a token comic There to bump the numbers A female creative team, a Muslim writer, starring a Pakistani American teenage girl, it ticked all the boxes and seemed to be there to provide a handy get out clause[...]