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Arrow Co-Showrunner Blows Away Most Of The Vigilante Theories

Don't you hate it when you absolutely know something to be true only to find out that it's not? Arrow did that to most of us comic fans last season when the introduced Adrian Chase and Vigilante to the Arrowverse In the comics, Adrian Chase IS Vigilante and actor Josh Segarra was coming along nicely[...]


Prometheus Is Right Where He Wants To Be – Arrow Live Blog

Tonight, Adrian Chase may be in custody, but he is exactly where he wants to be Now, as Oliver Queen takes a breath, his friends start disappearing Once again he is two steps behind Prometheus in a game that only one of them understands Plus we have to see what's going on with Konstantin Kovar[...]


Arrow: Honor They Father – Live Blog

Tonight's Arrow gets us back to the hunt for Adrian Chase/Prometheus (Josh Segarra), and we get to see what happens when he finds William We also get the return of Samson, played by Cody Runnels, formerly known as the WWE wrestler Stardust And from the trailer, it looks like Oliver (Stephen Amell) may end up[...]

Was Oliver Queen's Father A Murderer?

After last week's Bunker episode, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is back at his office where he discovers that Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) has sent him a gift A fifteen-year old dead body that looks like it was killed by Robert Queen Executive Producer and showrunner Wendy Mericle talks about the episode and the game that[...]


Green Arrow Vs Prometheus – Catch Up With A Spring Recap

Oliver Queen vs Adrian Chase Now that the cat is out of the bag and Chase is a wanted man, it should make for an interesting finale, especially since it involves Talia and Nyssa al Ghul and the return of Slade Wilson.Arrow airs Wednesday at 8 PM on the CW.[...]

Arrow Sizzle Reel Includes The Voice Of Deathstroke

The CW has just released a new sizzle reel for the final five episode of the season for Arrow.  We get glimpses of the deterioration of the relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, hints of returning characters like Nyssa al Ghul and Samson and of course we get to hear the voice of Deathstroke… […]

Oliver Queen And The Importance Of Brotherhood

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode - Disbanded......This episode is all about the fallout from what Adrian Chase did to Oliver Queen, but it's also about brotherhood and thinking outside the box Chase has been ten steps ahead at every turn because he studied his opponent and set the rules long before Oliver[...]


Oliver Queen Disbands The Team On Arrow

After being tortured for six days by Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns to the bunker and tells Diggle (David Ramsey), Curtis (Echo Kellum) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) that he is disbanding the team Here we get to see that scene along with intercuts of the cast talking about it from[...]


Star City Is Safe And Surprises Are Coming On Arrow Season Finale

Finally, the citizens of Star City can breathe easily in May. So what types of things well we get with the final showdown between Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase? You can expect a good number of returning characters, characters you haven’t seen in a while, back in the episode. That goes with a message Guggenheim posted on his[...]

The Dark Secret Of Oliver Queen

Anatoly, to deal with Adrian Chase. This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode - Kapiushon......This episode may have been the darkest in the series and contained arguably the best acting of Stephen Amell's career and equally brilliant acting by Josh Segarra This was also very different from a normal Arrow episode where the modern[...]

Oliver Queen Demands The Green Arrow Turn Himself In

Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) has forced Mayor Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) hand, making him publicly call for the Green Arrow to surrender himself in 24 hours or a shoot on sight command will be issued Prometheus is now just messing with Ollie, like a cat teasing a mouse as he holds it by the tail.Arrow[...]


When Will We Learn Who [Spoiler] Is on Arrow?

Almost everyone was certain that Adrian Chase was the Vigilante because that's who he is in the comics But as of Wednesday we were reminded that what happens in the comics may not happen in the TV series Adrian Chase is Prometheus, meaning that the Vigilante's identity is back up in the air again And[...]

Holy Metal Balls… Prometheus Revelation Is A Shocker

Oliver decides to tell the truth and asks Adrian Chase to defend him at the hearing, but he might never be called Oliver refuses to let Adrian sacrifice himself and he won't let them try and make Billy Malone out to be a crooked cop While this is happening the Vigilante decides to go after[...]

Stephen Amell

Oliver Queen Can't Be A Real Politician… He Want's To Tell The Truth

We then see Adrian Chase come in and offer his resignation since it was his idea to cover up the information in the first place.Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on the CW. Tonight's Arrow sees the fallout of the cover up of Green Arrow's involvement in the death of Detective Billy Malone[...]

John Diggle Needs A Lawyer On Arrow – Spoilers

They could use a lawyer already introduced this year in Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), but he is a District Attorney and they don't usually switch over to help defend people.. except as plots on television courtroom dramas. As part of their mid-season finales, the CW did what they called a Fan-Fest that was a viewing[...]

You Can't Swing A Dead Cat Without Hitting A Vigilante In Star City

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode - Vigilante......In the latest episode of Arrow, appropriately called Vigilante, we meet Vigilante even though we've been seeing his alter ego Adrian Chase for a while Okay, we're assuming that Chase is the Vigilante in this version.. guess he COULD be someone else But I'm going to[...]

It Was A Bad Time For Oliver Queen To Go On Vacation

Also, it was very cute to see the new recruits try and stop him only to be taken down in seconds.The B story involves Adrian Chase and Quentin Lance taking evidence into custody and Chase trying to interrogate one of Tobias Church's men Church is making the police and Team Arrow look like idiots and[...]

The Comic Book History Of The Vigilante

He was then rebooted in the 80's as Adrian Chase, a New York District Attorney During Chase's time two men Alan Welles and Dave Winston would also wear the mask The mantle would then be taken up by Patricia Trayce, Justin Powell and finally Dorian Chase.We're going to narrow our focus only to the Adrian[...]

Slow Playing The Build Up To Adrian Chase / Vigilante

but there is one more being built up in the background: Adrian Chase / Vigilante We met that Chase side of the character played by Josh Segarra and we've seen a sketch of the mask in the first episode So when do we get to see more? Look to episode seven which is titled: Vigilante.Executive[...]