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Alanah Pearce Will Be The Keynote Speaker For PAX East 2022
Penny Arcade and ReedPOP have revealed the PAX East 2022 keynote speaker, as Alanah Pearce will be taking the stage this time If you're not familiar with the way PAX events work, every time one of them starts up, they usually have a keynote speaker open up the Storytime ceremony and talk about their careers,[...]
Cory Barlog Calls Out Trolls Who Harassed God Of War Dev Over Delay
This past week, several people jumped onto social media to harass recent hire Alanah Pearce, accusing her of being the cause for the delay As you can see from this tweet, the messages have been derogatory and misogynistic as they wish for her to be fired from the job The prompted Barlog to jump on[...]