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Jeff Boison Promotes at Image Comics, Hires Alex Cox and Dirk Wood
"While other publishers may promote themselves as good partners or questionably tout themselves as creator-owned—as I've learned first-hand over the last five years—there is truly no publisher in the industry who champions the best interests of the retailers, creators, and the entire comic book industry alike as Image Comics does." Reporting to Boison are: Alex Cox,[...]
Creator Commentary – Hayden Sherman Talks John Carter: The End #4
Hayden is of course the artist for the series with scripts by Brian Wood and Alex Cox. Cover by Garry Brown Creator's Commentary: HAYDEN SHERMAN on JOHN CARTER: THE END #4, on sale NOW from Dynamite! Hello all, looks like it's my turn to walk you through the world of John Carter: The End! This book has been[...]
Writer's Commentary – Alex Cox Talks John Carter: The End #3
Dynamite's latest writer's commentary features Alex Cox talking about John Carter: The End #3, which he's writing with Brian Wood. Cover by Garry Brown with interiors by Hayden Sherman. John Carter of Mars! What a guy, right? Swords and radium rifles and nakedness Burroughs understood the recipe for awesomeness To ease you, the reader, into what is[...]
This Is The End… Alex Cox Talks About The New John Carter Series
The Warlord of Mars is getting a new series from writers Brian Wood and Alex Cox with art by Hayden Sherman The series takes place far into the future after Carter and Dejah Thoris have left Mars to mourn the death of their son I got a chance to speak to the very busy Alex[...]
Brian Wood Brings The End To John Carter
They've brought in the writing team of Brian Wood (Northlanders) and Alex Cox (Adventure Time) and paired them with artist Hayden Sherman (Civil War II: Kingpin) for a new take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs creation John Carter: Warlord of Mars. The new series takes place centuries later as a war for supremacy and genocide scours[...]
Brian Wood To Tackle John Carter: Warlord Of Mars
Dynamite has snagged Brian Wood (DMZ) to co-write along with Alex Cox the Edgar Rice Burrough's character John Carter: Warlord of Mars Wood is known for his political undertones and dystopian world-building, his most recent original series Briggs Land is currently in development with AMC. "Taking on a classic literary icon like John Carter is no[...]
The Big Two Vs. Creator Owned Comics – Brian Wood at Baltimore Comic Con
In a panel Spotlight at Baltimore Comic Con hosted by Deputy Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Alex Cox, Brian Wood had a lot to say about the pros and cons of working for the Big Two versus working in creator owned comics in his career including the stability the first offers and[...]
Frank Miller Vs Alex Cox On OWS… And Robocop
Last week, when the Frank Miller blog exploded across all known media (to the extent that he won't answer questions about it right now), film director and writer Alex Cox recalled in comments to a Guardian piece picking and choosing from Miller's past work to back up his curent stance; "Miller was ever thus I was[...]