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King In Black
Six days ago, comic book writer Si Spurrier did an Ask Me Anything AMA session on Reddit for the first time, talking about – well, pretty much anything We learned more about DC Comics' cancellation of Hellblazer which he previously talked about at length. My stupid, colossal f-cking mistake was to assume I was still living[...]
Could We Be Getting A Star Fox Game For The Switch?
ever released. One of the developers on the original game and it's unreleased sequel, Dylan Cuthbert, recently took part in a reddit AMA in which Star Fox was brought up a lot When asked if he was currently interested in developing a game for Nintendo's new console, Cuthbert responded, "I would love to and I have a few[...]
Troy Brownfield Does Reddit AMA About His Work And Blood Queen
Troy Brownfield, writer of the Blood Queen series for Dynamite among other works did a r/comicbooks AMA the other day and we have some of the highlights. For someone unfamiliar with your work, how can you sell me on it? The first thing I would ask is: What do you typically like to read? I've done a[...]
Mike Mearls – Head Of Dungeons And Dragons R&D Does Reddit AMA
The reason that I find these thing interesting is that every now and then you get questions from a perspective of someone other than the seasoned interviewer, which means that some things get through the cracks. There were no big surprises or reveals during his AMA, but there were still some interesting things for fans of[...]