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The Best Hats At ECCC
Knave, authors of Amelia Cole from IDW (in print, Monkeybrain on Comixology digitally) and Never Ending from Dark Horse appear to be wearing shriner-style Amelia Cole fezzes (because fezzes are cool, though disclaimer: I've never had to type the word "fez" in the plural before) and what's more, they really pull it off They do[...]
When Your Event Gets Too Big For Your Shop – Launching Phat Con
Kirkbride, co-writer of Amelia Cole (IDW) and writer of Do You Believe in Ninjas? could attest the power of free admission and parking It was his first Phat Con and did not know what to expect, but as the day was winding down, he related with excitement that the "foot traffic has been insane and[...]
Review: Amelia Cole and the Unknown World TPB
Which, conveniently, is also an excellent horror comic from Rachel Deering, who worked on Amelia Cole and the Unknown World which arrives in print from IDW this week. Segues They're not just for guided tours around Santa Cruz. Amelia Cole and the Unknown World follows Amelia, a female magician in her early '20s Amelia's smart, talented and,[...]
Amelia Cole And The Final Order Cut Off Date
For those of you who are still hesitant about digital, the first wave of Monkeybrain books are starting to hit print, and next up is Amelia Cole and the Unknown World Here's the official synopsis; Amelia Cole lives in two worlds — literally One runs on magic; the other is built on technology When the barriers[...]
Five Things About Amelia Cole And The Hidden War
Alasdair Stuart writes; Amelia Cole and the Hidden War is two issues old, and the changes from volume 1, Amelia Cole and the Unknown World, are all paying off Amelia is now the city Protector, her predecessor is in the military and everything has settled down Or has it? Well no, obviously, because otherwise that wouldn't[...]
Seven Things About Amelia Cole And The Unknown World Issue 2
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool Amelia Cole and the Unknown World was one of the launch titles for Monkeybrain Comics The story of a female magician, living between two worlds and trapped on a third, it's written by Adam P Knave and DJ Kirkbride with Nick Brokenshire on art and Rachel Deering lettering It's one[...]