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Silver Scream Festival Winning Graphic Novel Script Coming To Comics
Most publishers are telling us about their offerings for February 2017… American Gothic Press is telling us about their new book for March… and it's an award winner. Laszlo Tamasfi entered his graphic novel script, Invisible Hands, into the Silver Scream Festival because they had comic categories and were hosted by the team behind Famous Monsters[...]
Jon Clark's Award Winning Graphic Novel Comes To American Gothic Press
American Gothic Press is publishing Jon Clark's award-winning graphic novel Thin Winner for Best Graphic Novel at the 2016 Silver Scream Festival tells the story of Doris Greene, a suburban housewife with a weight problem After learning that her husband is cheating on her, she decides to have a mysterious new surgery to make herself[...]
More Lost Adventures From Lost In Space In Shops Today
In stores today from American Gothic Press is the second issue of Irwin Allen's Lost in Space: The Lost Adventures The first story is based on an unfilmed teleplay by Carey Wilber from the original series called The Curious Galactics. On a routine radar expedition, John Robinson, Will Robinson, and Major Don West have encountered an[...]
Riordan And Gooden Take Us Into The Killbox
American Gothic Press has sent over some preview pages for their new independent series Killbox by Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden The book ships on Wednesday and and tells of a brutal reality competition where a bartender named Timothy Choir tries to be the last man standing to win the money to save his dying son. "[The[...]
Preview Of Irwin Allen's Lost In Space #1 From Original Teleplay From 60's Series
American Gothic Press is releasing a new comic series of Irwin Allen's Lost In Space Unlike other comic adaptations of television series, the scripts for these comics come from two unproduced teleplays written by acclaimed television writer Carey Wilbur who worked on the television series as well as Star Trek, Rawhide and the Time Tunnel[...]
A Look Inside The Conclusion Of Tobin And Johnson's Bornhome
American Gothic Press has sent over a preview of the final issue in Paul Tobin and Jeff Johnson's sci-fi series Bornhome The four part series comes to an end this Wednesday as Captain Langer goes head-to-head with the Gray Man. With the epic conclusion for the battle for Bornhome, Capt Langer comes face-to-face with the Gray[...]
AGP Annouces Killbox From Tom Riordan And Nathan Gooden
American Gothic Press has announced a new series coming this April, Killbox The new series from Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden focuses on an mysterious casino in Los Angeles that makes money off of murder. Bartender Timothy Choir and otherwise regular people play as undercover pawns in a violent competition that leaves the winner with millions[...]
More Monster Noir Goodness In Monster World #2 Preview
American Gothic Press has sent us a preview for the second issue of Monster World The series is from Philip Kim, Steve Niles, Piotr Kowalski and Dennis Calero and focuses on Detective Barrymore who might be in over his head when unexpected new bizarre details come to light, but that doesn't stop him from slowing down at[...]
Niles And Jones Wrap Up Broken Moon
Hitting stores today is American Gothic Press' series Broken Moon The final issue of the series by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Nat Jones ('68) brings the war to a head. An all-out attack on the vampires' city stronghold, with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance But will Frankenstein's army be[...]
Piotr Kowalski Draws Steve Niles's Monster World For December
Teased with just Steve Niles' name before from American Gothic Press, he is joined by co-writer Philip Kim and artist Piotr Kowalski for December's Monster World comic book series. Something sinister is lurking behind the cameras of world-famous World Studios, and it may not be human When Detective Henry Barrymore is approached by a mysterious woman to[...]
Steve Niles And Nat Jones Bring Broken Moon To American Gothic Press
American Gothic Press has sent out a preview for a new series called Broken Moon It's created by Steve Niles and Nat Jones who have worked together before on Spawn: The Dark Ages and Giant Monster. After the world's superpowers go nuclear on one another's lunar mining colonies, destroying much of the moon, the human population[...]
Monsters Vs. Mechs In Gunsuits #2 By Paul Tobin And P. J. Holden
Gunsuits, the new series from American Gothic Press, is written by Paul Tobin and drawn by P.J Holden It's a monster vs mechs epic and we have 4 pages from the second issue for you to see. For more information on Gunsuits, click here. Gunsuits, the new series from American Gothic Press, is written[...]
A Look Inside Paul Tobin And Jeff Johnson's Bornhome #1
American Gothic Press has released a seven page preview for their new series Bornhome from Paul Tobin and Jeff Johnson The series, which is set to debut in July, is a sci-fi adventure about a pilot stranded on a foreign planet. Eton Langer is marooned on the planet Bornhome after his ship is knocked out of[...]
Famous Monsters Returns To Comics With Gunsuits
The publisher has a long history with comics having shared the Warren imprint in the 60s and 70s for the cult classic Creepy and Eerie and of course was the first home for FM Editor Forrest J Ackerman's creation Vampirella. This new comic book division, American Gothic Press, will feature such creators as Steve Niles, Paul[...]