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Bleeding Cool's 31 Best Interviews Of 2014
They Are Waiting For People To Come To Them' – Scott Snyder In The Bleeding Cool Interview Fearless Enough To Win An Eisner – Discussing The Wake's Surprising Finale With Scott Snyder(SPOILERS) With Joshua Williamson: What Would Really Happen If A Child Went On A Fantasy Adventure And Came Home? Joshua Williamson Talks Birthright From Image With Grant[...]
Winter Con: Party On
Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder had a fan friendly booth complete with all the Rocket Girl merchandise a fan could possible want I felt the way they took the time to talk to attendees as people really would make me recommend visiting the writer/artist pair to all.   The legendary Tom Defalco was present to meet[...]
Bring On The Bad Guys! Darkness Descends Upon NYC for NYCC Presents…Villains!
Looked like the crazed etchings of a madman… *Special mention and props to Charles Soule, James Tynion IV and Amy Reeder for being the special guests for the evening and the judges of the drawing competition They were incredibly friendly and socialized with the crowd throughout the afternoon, and it was very much appreciated[...]
Doing A Little Sherbet, With  Everyone From Amy Reeder To Shaky Kane
Written by; Michael Vincent Bramley & drawn by; Joshua Mathus. Cover by; Alice Meichi Li.Additional Pin-Up Art by: Hyeondo Park, Amy Reeder, Leila Del Duca, Fred Hembeck, Rob Moran, Paul Hanley, Shaky Kane, Tintin Pantoja, N Steven Harris, Delia Gable, Nate Bear, N Y Sanders, Katelan Foisy, Yao Xiao, Mike Rooth, D[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
If you cannot attend but would like to help Seth, you can donate here Performances by: Molly Crabapple Douglas Rushkoff Dean Haspiel Akim Funk Buddha — JahFurry Josh Neufeld Plucky Charms Christa Cassano Mike Cavallaro w/ Sticks & Stones (+more acts TBA) Tickets are $15 and more info can be found here: Produced by Jeff Newelt Co-presented by HEEB[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics(UPDATE)
Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez are also going to be signing copies of their Tech Jacket #1 from Image Comics from 6-8PM. Wednesday, July 9th Midtown Comics Downtown at 64 Fulton Street in New York will host writer Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder for a signing of their new Rocket Girl TP from Image Comics at 6:30PM[...]
Live From The Comic Shop: Wraith, Umbral, Rocket Girl Expand Their Genres
It started on Kickstarter, and now it's at Image, and Amy Reeder's impressive artwork has been teasing fans at shows She once told me that drawing the helmet on Rocketgirl is one of the most challenging things, panel after panel, due to its perfectly sleek design and I can believe it The comic has as[...]
Rocket Girl – The Future Where You Got Your Jetpack
Rocket Girl #1 out from Image today, by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder attempts to answer that From a 2013 with flying cars, jetpacks and time travel to a 1985 that made all that possible… And a 2013 that may be taking all that away… so that justice may be served. Not that a future with jetpacks is[...]
Signings And Screenings – Offsite Events In New York During Comic Con Week
The event will be held in Room 523 of the Butler Library on 535 W 114th Street (entrance on campus side). Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder, Nick Dragotta, Sina Grace, Michael Moreci, Duffy Boudreay, Johnnie Christmas, Ed Brisson, Brandon Seifert Sign at Forbidden Planet on October 9th Forbidden Planet NYC hosts a massive signing of Image Comics  as[...]
She's A Rocket Girl… And So's He. Amy And Brandon At San Diego Comic Con
Joseph Schmidt writes; It's only Day 2, and Brandon Montclare has already torn a hole in his shoe. His collaborator, Amy Reeder, is telling him he should get shoes like hers, because of "diamond technology." I show her my TOMS, and she makes fun of me Well played, Amy, well played. We've just found a quiet place near[...]
She's A Rocket Girl
Joseph Kyle Schmidt writes; Some time in the past…. "Rocket Girl." Two words, seemingly random, said by Brandon Montclare to Amy Reeder. Cut to the present The two are wrapping up their second successful Kickstarter campaign in just as many years, and now they're that much closer toward putting their latest collaboration in stores. You never know," Brandon says, speaking[...]