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Thinking on it though, is there a more unassailable first four albums than theirs? Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, …And Justice For All I mean, come on Our fearless TV editor would say the two S&M albums are also up there [Ed Note: I hate you, Jeremy- RF], and while I[...]
Metallica Releasing Six Classic Albums As Colored Vinyls At Walmart
This will include the band's first five albums: Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, …And Justice For All, and The Black Album Only one record past that, Hardwired….To Self-Destruct will also be released All six Metallica albums will sport a color that relates to the album somehow, like the electric blue version[...]
Metallica Mondays Bring Justice To All For This Weeks Show
…And Justice For All gets a heavy focus here, and Metallica play a spirited show from the glory days Check out the setlist below. Metallica Mondays Metallica Live September 23rd, 1989 Setlist Blackened For Whom the Bell Tolls Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Harvester of Sorrow The Four Horsemen The Thing That Should Not Be Bass Solo Master of Puppets Fade to Black Seek and Destroy …And Justice for All ENCORE One Creeping[...]
Metallica Mondays Brings Out Some Rarities For This Week's Show
Tons of rare stuff not played a ton are here, including the full version of "Am I Evil?" and "…And Justice For All" Other Metallica songs to look out for in this one include "Disposable Heroes" and "Orion." See the full setlist below. Metallica Mondays Lisbon June 28th, 2007 Metallica Set List June 28th, 2007 Creeping Death For Whom[...]
Metallica Mondays Comes To Madrid For This Week's Show
You can see the full setlist for tonight's show down below. Metallica Mondays Madrid Metallica Live in Madrid May 31st, 2008 Set List Creeping Death Fuel Ride the Lightning Harvester of Sorrow Bleeding Me Wherever I May Roam Devil's Dance …And Justice for All Fade to Black Master of Puppets Whiplash Nothing Else Matters Sad But True One Enter Sandman ENCORE Last Caress So What Seek and Destroy Donate if You Can "While we're all doing our part[...]
Metallica Mondays Heads To Lima, Peru For Tonights By Request Set
That led to only one song post …And Justice For All making the cut (Enter Sandman)and one debuting song (Lords of Summer) making the cut If you an early album fan of the band, this is a show for you Check out the setlist below. Metallica Mondays heads to Peru Credit Metallica Metallica Lima, Peru March 20,[...]
Metallica Mondays go way back to 1991 this week.
I would not expect the same picture and audio quality we are used to with these shows the last few weeks, but looking at the setlist, it is hard to argue that it won't be a great show. Metallica Mondays go way back to 1991 this week. Metallica November 1st, 1991 Setlist Enter Sandman Creeping Death Harvester of Sorrow Welcome Home[...]
Funko Round Up Justice Collage
Negative-style suit (I haven't played the game yet, I don't know). Finally, Lady Justice from the album cover of the Metallica classic …And Justice For All is coming in October This is a super cool idea, and I love the marble look and sculpt. "Halls of justice painted green/ Money talking/ Power wolves beset your door/ Hear them[...]