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Andie Tong Teases The Zodiac Legacy From Disney And Stan Lee
Comic artist Andie Tong is working with Stan Lee and Stuart Moore on a new project for Disney Publishing The premise for the book is that 12 superpowers are set free into the world based on the Zodiac A Chinese-American teenager named Steven is in the middle of it all as he goes on a[...]
Disney And Stan Lee Join Together on Zodiac
Disney Publishing Worldwide has acquired a book based on the Chinese zodiac written by Stan Lee with Stuart Moore, featuring illustrations by Andie Tong. ZODIAC follows Steven Lee, a young Chinese-American teen who is drawn into a mysterious conspiracy surrounding twelve mystical pools of energy and a power-hungry secret organization When he and other randomly chosen teens[...]
Disney Tells Marvel UK, No More Originated Content
And they've also been rather successful here, originating content by the likes of Ferg Handley and Andie Tong, creating a cottage industry of new originated Marvel comics for a younger market This includes the hilarious reworking of Civil War as a playground argument between Captain America and Iron Man And a more recent showdown between[...]