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McCarron has backed up Andy Dalton for the last few years at quarterback and had played well when called upon Now the team not only doesn't get any compensation for the player, but they have to find a new backup, likely having to spend a draft pick in a year where many teams are expected[...]
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Quarterback Andy Dalton played better in week two, but it would be almost impossible not to, with how he played in week one The team has been outscored 33 to 9, given up eight sacks and Dalton is now 46 for 67 for 394 yards no touchdown and four interceptions Where he improved is that[...]
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Quarterback Andy Dalton was 16 for 31 with no touchdowns, four interceptions and a lost fumble He had a rating of 0.7, which is worst game ever And he was sacked 5 times They were shut out by the Baltimore Ravens 20 to 0 It's the type of defeat that lingers Makes you question every[...]