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No, The X-Men Don't Torture The Head Of The Heritage Think Tank
In the run-up to the release of X-Men Gold, before the fuss with Ardian Syaf, the promotion was about leaving previous political stories behind. The first arc is about the deportation of those deemed undesirable by the state, so it seems right from the bat, that commitment has been abandoned. Good I like my X-Men with politics[...]
The Past Is Prologue: X-Men Gold #1 Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Cover Art by Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten & Laura Martin Last week may have been the primer, but this week the ResurrXion truly begins ResurrXion is definitely an apt title, given this issues preoccupation about old being new again, and not to mention what seems to be several literal character resurrections in the issue (possibly). But[...]
Ken Lashley On X-Men Prime For ResurrXion – And All The Writers Join In
So if you don't see the title, we basically didn't really learn anything new. Designs by Ardian Syaf X-Men: Blue We get some sense of why the Original Five work with Magneto in this series, as apparently humanity is no longer considering mutants so much of a threat As Mark Paniccia says, "Magneto sees that as an opportunity he[...]
The All-Old, All-Similar X-Men, Now Available In Blue And Gold…
By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent Teaser by Ardian Syaf I had been preparing to write an article listing things I really hoped to see in the X-Men relaunch part of ResurrXion About the things I felt they really needed to include and, hopefully, get right I figured there wouldn't be any announcements quite yet,[...]
Guggenheim, Syaf, Bunn, Molina Bring You X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold In April 2017
X-Men Gold's creative team will be Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf, and the book will feature the lineup of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Rachel Grey, led by Kitty Pryde Kitty returns from space to help the X-Men out in the aftermath of their Inhumans vs X-Men super-mega-crossover event, and apparently Storm chooses her[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Dresden Files: Storm Front #1 By Jim Butcher
To go along with the Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Omnibus Vol 1, we have the first issue of Storm Front written by the characters creator Jim Butcher and Mark Powers with art by Ardian Syaf Cover art by Brett Booth. If circumstances surrounding a crime defy the ordinary and evidence points to a suspect who is anything but human,[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – The Dresden Files: Welcome To The Jungle #1
To go along with the Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Omnibus Vol 1, we have the first issue of Welcome To The Jungle written by the characters creator Jim Butcher and drawn by Ardian Syaf Cover art by Brett Booth. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden lives in Chicago, where he's the only person in the Yellow Pages under 'Wizards'[...]
Exclusive First Look At Alice Cooper #2 And Red Sonja: The Black Tower #2
Red Sonja: The Black Tower #2  by Frank Tieri, Cezar Razek & Amanda Connor and Alice Cooper #2 by Joe Harris, Eman Casallos & Ardian Syaf. First the covers and then the previews. FOC Incentive A: For any retailer that maintains or increases orders on ALICE COOPER #2, they will be eligible to order one (1) ALICE[...]
DC Releases Covers for Batman And Superman Earth One Graphic Novels
We also see that art change as the 3 volume of Superman: Earth One is going to be drawn by Ardian Syaf, replacing Shane Davis who drew the first two volumes These two books won't be out until 2015. The next Earth One graphic novel, Teen Titans: Earth One by Jeff Lemire and Terry Dodson comes out[...]
Battlestar Galactica Goes Steampunk
Battlestar Galactica: 1880, a steampunk tail set in the BSG universe. Written by Tony Lee, with art by Aneke and covers by Ardian Syaf and Sergio Fernandez Davilla. Welcome to the world of Battlestar Galactica, as never seen before, in Steampunk Battlestar Galactica: 1880, where #1 NYT Bestselling Author Tony Lee gives it a Steampunk spin! After[...]