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The All-Old, All-Similar X-Men, Now Available In Blue And Gold…

By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent

Teaser by Ardian Syaf
Teaser by Ardian Syaf

I had been preparing to write an article listing things I really hoped to see in the X-Men relaunch part of ResurrXion. About the things I felt they really needed to include and, hopefully, get right. I figured there wouldn't be any announcements quite yet, after all, they don't start until April.

Boy, was I wrong.

So, how do today's announcements of X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold stack up to some of the ideas I'd been thinking about?

I have to admit, not overwhelmingly well.

Now let me start off by pointing out the obvious. I have not read these books. They could be absolutely awesome and amazing, and in fact, given the creative teams involved, I have high hopes that they will indeed be! Cullen Bunn has been killing it on X-books of late, and he's a master of mystery, hidden motives and masks, which is promised in X-Men Blue. And Marc Guggenheim wrote Young X-Men, which was a series I loved and thought was over FAR too soon, so I certainly have hopes.

But really, it's the characters chosen that left me a little…underwhelmed.

One of the points I was going to make in my original article idea was it would be nice to see the teams include more lesser known characters, or X-Men who haven't been in the limelight for a while. There are SO many awesome characters in the X-Men books, it's been a shame to have essentially the same tentpole characters taking up the pages of the books for so long. So when I see a team made up of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey, Old Man Logan and Kitty Pryde my reaction was…..sigh, these guys again? I mean, okay, Grey we haven't seen much of recently, other than a brief appearance in the Civil War 2 tie in series, but overall, these are guys that we have seen A LOT of lately.

Then the other book: Blue features the Teen Original Five.

Teaser by Art Adams
Teaser by Art Adams

I'm sorry, I am just so over the time-displaced X-Men plot. Mainly because it isn't even much of a plot anymore. They are just here, and we just have to ignore how that can even be possible. I was never entirely into the whole teen O5 storyline….or rather, I was into it when it began, and I figured this couldn't last more than maybe four arcs, tops. Instead, years later, and they are still in the present and it's really not being explained much how that is not a huge cause for concern?

Plus, I'm sorry, they are all incredibly white.

In fact, the two teams are. They have one POC among two whole teams thus far. Another point from my original article idea would have been that now, with things as they are in our world, is the perfect time to have and celebrate a wide, diverse range of X-Men. Instead…

I don't know. This is merely my knee jerk reaction. I really do hope that things will improve. And in some of the PR talk around the books, there's plenty there to hope about, and sounds like there could be some really great stories to come out of these. They will probably be AMAZING, and I can't wait to see what Guggenheim, Bunn and teams do.

Also, I guess this week we may see what is in store for Cable, Iceman, Jean Grey, Generation X and Weapon X

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