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Batman: Arkham Asylum And Arkham City HD Collection Resurfaces
It was said Arkham Asylum and Arkham City would be making the jump to modern consoles, strangely without Arkham Knight, the topper to Rocksteady's trilogy. Well, the package has resurfaced, again with out the final Rocksteady instalment As sent to Eurogamer, a GameStop employee took this image showing off a remaster of the first two games[...]
Did You Know Gaming? Cover Batman: Arkham Asylum
Taking your favorite series, and diving as deep as they can in the about 6 minutes, it unveils the history behind franchises and games, as well as little quirks about their production. And here is one on the now classic, Batman: Arkham Asylum It goes over the game's production, secrets, things that didn't make it into[...]
Arkham Asylum Joker Is Getting A Sideshow Collectibles Figure
Arkham Asylum is recognized as probably the best Batman video game ever put to disc That is in no small part to the great Joker, voiced by Mark Hamill, who really gave that game a classic flavor I even know some who think that is the best work Hamill has ever done (I'm sure this[...]
Bringing Arkham Asylum To Gotham
Here the cast including Ben McKenzie (James Gordon) and Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) talk about Gordon's punishment and the place Arkham Asylum holds in the Batman mythos. [youtube][/youtube] FOX has posted a new behind-the-scenes featurette about the most recent episode of Gotham, Guarding Arkham Here the cast including Ben McKenzie (James Gordon) and Donal Logue (Harvey[...]
Gordon Meets Thompkins In Clip From Upcoming Gotham
On January 5th, Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is assigned to guard duty at Arkham Asylum for making a run at the Mayor and Falcone While on duty he meets Dr Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) who will most likely become an ally as the comic version of Thompkins has been a long-time ally of Batman[...]
Will Bayley Seton Hospital Of Staten Island Be Gotham's Arkham Asylum?
The psychiatric hospital that treats the criminally insane of Gotham is Arkham Asylum And, as you would expect, it's often the cause of the problems as well A Bedlam for the city, it has become a staple of the Batman comic books. In the Gotham TV series, we have had a reference to drugs used by[...]
License To Kill It: Licensed Games That Do It Right
(Batman Dark Tomorrow from Kemco go look it up)  But that would finally change with 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum from Rocksteady Studios.  Arkham Asylum would do everything you wanted from a Batman game, with elements of stealth, brawling, puzzle solving, huge boss battles, and incredible voice acting.  It's not hyperbole to say that every element of Arkham Asylum was done with polish[...]
DC and Madefire Team Up On Batman: Arkham Origins Motion Book App
There are plenty of fans who just cant get enough of Arkham Asylum, and now there's one more way to bring the story home. The DC2 Multiverse app is free to download, but each "chapter" is 99 cents with a full "pass" for the entirety available for $ 14.99, however a free preview of chapter 1[...]