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Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson's The Gods On Sunday Morning for May 2023
In the recent Astro City: That Was Then #1 Special, Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson previewed their upcoming non-Astro City graphic novel The Gods On Sunday Morning, stating "while it's not set in the world of Astro City, it's still the kind of thing we think Astro City readers will like It takes a similar[...]
Astro City One Shot Celebrates Image Comics With Creator Self-Swipes
Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, Alex Ross, Alex Sinclair, and Comicraft bring back Astro City with a new one-shot scheduled from Image Comics in March 2022 with Astro City: That Was Then And a host of Image creators welcome the series back to Image—where it all began—with a lineup of variant covers by Erik Larsen, Marcelo[...]
Image Unveils for the Kurt Busiek Universe in 2022
Those properties include Astro City, Arrowsmith, Autumnlands, and more new projects This week, Image unveiled the plans for new work in the Kurt Busiek Universe in a press release so large it would have been frankly irresponsible for us to use it to write just one single article. First up, Busiek and superstar artist Carlos Pacheco[...]
Kurt Busiek's Astro City, And Others, Return To Image Comics
Back in September last year, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics had pulled Kurt Busiek's Astro City from ComiXology digital comic publisher This was one of a number of similar moves, including DC pulling Brian Bendis' creator-owned books off ComiXology as well, as part of internal machinations at the publisher that filled headlines[...]
Alex Ross' Astro City Poster Pencils Up For Auction, Only $360 So Far
I remember this, the Alex Ross Astro City poster popping out of an issue of Wizard Magazine, featuring all the main characters from the series, as a promotional piece that really worked And the original pencils for that double splash of a poster page, are now up for auction as part of their 2021 January[...]
Is Astro City Leaving DC Comics Too, For New Graphic Novels?
Recently, Kurt Busiek gave a number of PR-friendly interviews regarding the return of his superhero worldbuilding series with Brent Anderson, Astro City, as an original graphic novel Of late, Astro City has been published by DC Comics after they bought its former publisher, WildStorm But it has been through a few imprints and publishers –[...]
Chris Claremont, Brent Anderson, and moderator Marcos
When you have to call in Myphisto to bail you out of your marriage — there's a problem. What if, with Spider-Gwen, what if Mary Jane met this mice German guy named Otto and became Doc Wat, and then went back to try to claim her Peter?" Brent talking about working with Strazynski on Astro City Brent spoke[...]
Astro City: FremantleMedia Secures TV Series Rights, Co-Creator Kurt Busiek to Pen Pilot
Credit: Vertigo FremantleMedia North America is going from flawed gods to all-too-human heroes, with the American Gods producer having acquired the rights to develop writer Kurt Busiek and artists Brent Anderson and Alex Ross's superhero comic book series Astro City as a live-action television series Busiek and Rick Alexander will pen the pilot; and executive produce[...]
Astro City to End as a Monthly Series in April; Graphic Novels on the Way
The DC solicitations will be out soon, but writer Kurt Busiek gave fans a sneak peak when it comes to Astro City, his creator-owned Vertigo series with Brent Anderson and Alex Ross According to Busiek, April's Astro City #52 will be the final issue of Astro City as a monthly series Over a hundred issues of[...]
How Did Astro City Get Its Name? The Vertigo Panel At ECCC
She also talked about how Jon Davis-Hunt's artwork changed her mind about swearing off redheads for a while. "Is this going to be amazing having a video game designer/artist, designing the clean room? The answer is yes." The question was asked – what if Kurt Busiek went into the clean room? What would come out? Busiek replied "cleanliness". Simone countered "comic trivia". Kurt[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – Green Arrow, Godzilla: Cataclysm, Astro City, Hexed
This week's comics include: Green Arrow #34 Godzilla: Cataclysm #1 Astro City #14 Hexed #1 Green Arrow #34 (DC Comics, $2.99) By Graig Kent "The New 52" botched up a lot of things in its reboot of the DC Universe, but the biggest botch job had to be on Green Arrow.  By its third issue the original writer J.T Krul was off[...]
Fifty-Two Thoughts About Fifty-Two Comics – Ghosted, Rat Queens, Black Dynamite, Dark Angel, TMNT, Skyman, Superior Spider-Man, Illegitimates, Justice League 3000, Ben 10, Peabody And Sherman, My Little Pony, Suicide Squad, World's Finest, Harbinger, Night Of The Living Deadpool, Stitched, Gravel, Crossed, Deadpool: The Gauntlet, The Curse, Archer & Armstrong, Secret Avengers, Batgirl, God Is Dead, Imagine Agents, Astro City, Nightwing, Carbon Grey, Peter Panzerfaust, Velvet, Alex+Ada, Darth Vader, Kiss Me Satan, Clown Fatale, BPRD, Fantastic Four, Catacylsm: Ultimates, Daredevil, X-Force, Egos, X, X-Men Legacy, 3 Guns, Adventure Time, Voice In The Dark, L'il Battlestar Galactica, Miss Fury, Next Testament, Unity, Popeye, Transformers And Regular Show  (UPDATE)
Say, DC Women Kicking Ass, I'd love your take on this week's Astro City It raises the very big problem of a woman raised as an icon submitting to the assistance of men, but it also gets in a few gags, in superheroic women gags Is it having its cake and eating it? And what[...]
Mysterious Strangers Draws Significant Advance Reorders – Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year,  Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys And Six Gun Gorilla Don't Do Badly Either
Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year,  Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys and Six Gun Gorilla all benefit from that, and retailers look minded to up their orders on Image and Vertigo launches, Ghosted and Collider. And for books that have already been published, a new print of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac is gathering many, many orders, as retailers[...]
DC Relaunch: Astro City #1 – A Monthly Title
Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's Astro City will relaunch with a new #1 and from then on be a monthly title, UK retailers were told today at the DC Retailer Conference in London, UK It has been decided not to relaunch the series too close to the New 52 Launch as it, naturally, has its[...]
Astro City Original Art Stolen From San Diego Zoo
Apparently not. The car of Astro City artist Brent Anderson was broken into at the San Diego Zoo today and large stacks of his original artwork was stolen Two hundre  pages in all, totalling five figures. Buyers and dealers are asked to look out for anyone selling original art in large chunks from Astro City, Green[...]