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Audeze Highlights New Features Added To Penrose Gaming Headset
Audeze revealed this week a number of new additions and features that have been included on their Penrose gaming headset The company took a moment to release a new set of firmware updates (technically called version 0.1.10) adding QOL improvements and features including EQ change buttons, modified UI accessibility, mic/volume wheel adjustments, and more It's[...]
Audeze Launches Closed-Back In-Ear Headphones Named The Euclid
Audeze has launched a new pair of closed-back in-ear headphones this week which they're calling the Euclid It's one of the more interesting design choices they've made as this pair doesn't have the big web mesh design across the ears that some of their previous in-ear models have had, taking cues from some of the[...]
Audeze Mobius Headphones Bring Comfort and Quality to Gaming
Audeze was kind enough to send over a pair of their Mobius 3-D Cinematic Audio Gaming Headset to check out We have to say that this headset will really level up our gaming experience With Next-Gen consoles still not out yet, we were able to test these out on the PlayStation 4 as well as[...]