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Alan Moore's Cinema Purgatorio #2 Leads Avatar Press' Solicits For June 2016

Here are the solicitations for Avatar Press for June 2016, leading with the second issue of the Alan Moore curated anthology Cinema Purgatorio Moore also has his new issue of Providence with Jacen Burrows solicited, as well as Crossed Badlands by Christos Gage and Emiliano Urdinola, Crossed +100 from Si Spurrier and Martin Tunica and War Stories[...]

Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen And Simon Spurrier This Week From Avatar Press

Got a few new books coming out this week from Avatar Press including Crossed +100 #14 which features seven different covers including a nod to H.G Wells There is also War Stories #17 and the first collection for Kieron Gillen's Mercury Heat.(Bleeding Cool is a subsidiary of Avatar Press)Crossed +100 #14 Simon Spurrier continues to deliver[...]

New Story Arc Kicks Off In Kieron Gillen's Mercury Heat

In stores this week from Avatar Press is issue #8 of Mercury Heat by Kieron Gillen and Nahuel Lopez This issue kicks off the second story arc as a plague comes to Mercury and it's devastating the mining planet (Avatar is the parent company of Bleeding Cool)Mercury Heat #8The second powerful arc of Kieron Gillen’s[...]

Mike Wolfer's Run On Crossed: Badlands Collected

Both the trade and hard cover collections will be in stores tomorrow from Avatar Press (our parent company). Crossed: Badlands Vol 15 TPB & HC Comics horror veteran Mike Wolfer writes and illustrates a powerful new chapter in the Crossed saga! After admitting two women into their defensible stronghold atop a collapsed bridge, an uneasy alliance of[...]

Alan Moore's Cinema Purgatorio Leads Avatar Press' May 2016 Solicitations

We have the solicitations for the books shipping in May 2016 from Avatar Press which starts of with lots of Alan Moore His Providence series with Jacen Burrows gets collected into a limited hardcover edition while a new monthly anthology called Cinema Purgatorio will feature Moore working with his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen partner Kevin O'Neill[...]

Christos Gage Returns To Crossed: Badlands This Week

Hitting comics shelves this week from Avatar Press is Crossed: Badlands #94 This features the return of writer Christos Gage as well as his character, Smokey, a crossed that can think Featuring art by Fernandez Reinz and covers by Christian Zanier, Raulo Caceres, German Nobile and Michael DiPascale.Bleeding Cool is a subsidiary of Avatar Press.Crossed:[...]

Be The First To Read Cinema Purgatorio This Weekend, At LSCC

The Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill-led anthology from Bleeding Cool publisher Avatar Press, Cinema Purgatorio has just hit $100,000 on Kickstarter, with a day-and-a-half to go.Avatar Press will have 200 copies of the deluxe hardcover of Cinema Purgatorio flown out to the London Super Comic Con this coming weekend They can be pre-ordered for $35 on Kickstarter,[...]

Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?

It's where the wallets of bigtime fanboys open as those who can't to San Diego, spend spend spend...I'll be there, often hanging around the Avatar Press booth, bothering folk in artists alley, sitting at the back of panels, and ending up in the bar The Fox is always popular If you see me, say hi,[...]

Retailers Get A Pre-Order Option For Cinema Purgatorio

Avatar Press own Bleeding Cool Avatar Press are also publishing Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's new anthology series Cinema Purgatorio And Avatar Press are currently funding it on Kickstarter, using it as a way to obtain direct preorders without going through Diamond and the like.But what about retailers? Will it bypass them as well? Not[...]

Alan Moore On His New Comic With Kevin O'Neill, Cinema Purgatorio – Kieron Gillen, Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Christos Gage And More

But, for Bleeding Cool owner Avatar Press, they are starting something new.Cinema Purgatorio, a horror anthology comic book including their work and the work of their friends, including Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage and more.And, yes, it's being funded on Kickstarter.The lead strip of Cinema Purgatorio is by Moore and O'NeillThis ongoing monthly series will feature[...]

(SPOILER) Tomorrow's Mercury Heat Launches An Unannounced Crossover

Crossovers are a funny thing. Two media properties smashed together in an attempt to get the fanbases of both reading, and some passerby rubberneckers as well. Usually it's advisable to tell people that such a crossover is happening though. Like retailers. Or retailers. Or, I don't know, the news/rumour website that you actually own. Well, […]

Crossed: Badlands And Crossed +100 In Stores This Week From Avatar Press

Avatar Press (our parent company) has two new books hitting shelves this week First up is Crossed: Badlands #92 by Max Bemis and German Erramouspe and then Crossed +100 #13 by Simon Spurrier and Rafa Ortiz Both issue offer a variety of cover options to choose from.Crossed: Badlands #92Say Anything singer and songwriter, Max Bemis,[...]

Alan Moore, Garth Ennis And Kieron Gillen Lead Avatar Press' April 2016 Solicitations

We're getting a jump on the April 2016 solicitations starting off with Avatar Press (our parent company) There new offerings include the fourth volume trade of Garth Ennis' War Stories, the eighth issue of Alan Moore's Providence and the ninth issue of Kieron Gillen's Mercury Heat plus Crossed +100 and Crossed: Badlands.WAR STORIES VOL 04[...]

End The Year With A Double Dose Of Garth Ennis

A double dose of Garth Ennis ends the year right as Avatar Press releases both Code Pru #1, a new black humor / horror book from Ennis and Raulo Caceres and Ennis' War Stories #15 along with God is Dead #46 and Mercury Heat #6.. all before New Year's Eve (Bleeding Cool is owned by[...]

Max Bemis Brings The Most Savage Comic Store Satire You've Seen In Crossed Badlands

You thought that the Big Bang Theory comic store episodes were a little below the belt? That Eltingville was as savage a satire on comic shop society that you could ever see? Then you didn't read Max Bemis and German Erramouspe's first issue of Crossed Badlands last week, published by Bleeding Cool's own publisher Avatar. To […]

Max Bemis On Crossed: Badlands This Week From Avatar Press

These are the Avatar Press items scheduled for release this Wednesday 12/16  First up, Simon Spurrier continues what Alan Moore started in the second story arc of Crossed +100 and then Max Bemis kicks off a new story arc in Crossed: Badlands.Crossed +100 #12 The second arc of the Alan Moore developed Crossed future exploration comes[...]

Crossed: Badlands, Crossed +100 And War Stories This Week From Avatar Press

Avatar Press has three comics hitting shelves tomorrow - Crossed: Badlands #89, Crossed +100 #11 and War Stories #14. Crossed: Badlands #89 All of his life Jack took the safe route – he went to the safe school, got the safe career, and developed the safe existence.  He never expected to hear from his delinquent younger brother[...]