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Avatar Press Relaunches Warrior Nun Ahead Of Netflix TV Show

Bleeding Cool's publishers, Avatar Press, bought Warrior Nun Areala some time ago from its creator, Ben Dunn and Antarctic Press Now sold to Netflix, they are relaunching the Warrior Nun franchise beginning with Warrior Nun Dora by Pat Shand and Daniel Gete, to be published this August And maybe a little Good Omens feel as well...WARRIOR[...]

Warrior Nun Comic Upcoming from Avatar to be New Netflix Series

Netflix has announced three new series, two based on comic books, one of them on the upcoming Avatar Press Warrior Nun   Avatar Press are the owners of Bleeding Cool.Warrior Nun is an upcoming unannounced comic from Avatar Press that revolves around a 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue with a new lease on life[...]

Warren Ellis Weighs in on Avengers: Infinity War, Spoiler Free

Every Sunday Warren Ellis sends out Orbital Operations, his weekly newsletter where he talks about his current projects, thoughts, commentary on culture and recommendations for music, books, movies, television and whatever else took his fancy in the past week.[caption id="attachment_489436" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Warren Ellis at SDCC, Photo by Gage Skidmore[/caption]This week, he talks about the latest[...]

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Crossed's Birthday and Uber Invasion: Avatar Press Solicits for July 2018

You know what one of the perks of being owned by a comic book publisher is? Well, that they constantly forget to tell us what they are up to, leading us to having to search the internet.Such as their retail side Comics Cavalcade having Avatar Press's solicits for July 2018 Without, like, telling us It[...]

A New Cinema Purgatorio in Avatar Press June 2018 Solicits

Alan Moore has done a lot of work with Avatar Press, Bleeding Cool's parent company They are reprinting a number of his works, including Another Suburban Romance and Light of Thy Countenance. Cinema Purgatorio continues, another Moore project, and Crossed Plus 100 Mimic rolls on All of this is coming out in June Details below.[gallery columns="4" size="large" ids="815709,815710,815711,815712,815713,815714,815715,815717,815718,815719,815720"]APR181346 CROSSED PLUS 100 MIMIC #4 (MR) (W)[...]

Battlships War in Uber, and Crossed Continues Moore's Saga: Avatar Press May 2018 Solicits

Gage, Patrick Shand, Emiliano Urdinola, Raulo Caceres, and Gabriel Andrade and Uber Invasion by Kieron Gillen and Daniel Gete are coming out this May courtesy of Avatar Press, our parent company More details below.[gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="800548,800549,800550,800551,800552,800553,800554,800555,800556,800557"]MAR181204 CROSSED PLUS 100 MIMIC #3 (MR) (W) Christos N Gage, Patrick Shand (A) Emiliano Urdinola, Raulo Caceres (CA) Gabriel Andrade Two epic tales in every giant-size Crossed +100 Mimic issue![...]

Kieron Gillen, Alan Moore, And More: Avatar Press February 2018 Solicits

Avatar Press, Bleeding Cool's parent company, is publishing work from talents such as Kieron Gillen, Alan Moore, and Jacen Burrows These come through, Uber Invasion, Cinema Purgatorio, and Dreadful Beauty Art of Providence, the last of which is an artbook celebrating the work of Jacen Burrows More details are available below Take a look.UBER INVASION #11 (MR) (W) Kieron Gillen (A/CA) Daniel Gete Things[...]

God Is Dead Volume 1 – 24 Trades Of Christmas

Now, first I have to point out that Avatar Press is the parent company of Bleeding Cool, so yes I work for them.. and that the reason I initially read the series was because was asked to write a back-up story for the last eight issues of the series But this is about the first[...]

Black Pre-Friday: Alan Moore & HP Lovecraft's Scary, Scarce Century

TL;DR: Go get these insanely great and limited Providence Century Sets, while supplies last. If you haven't read Providence by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows, there's really no sweeping overview I can give you that won't substantially spoil the magic, so let me come at it by way of analogy: Even the slightest glance at the […]

The Return Of Kieron Gillen's Über Leads Avatar Press' December Solicitations

Avatar Press' December solicitations kick off with a bang as Kieron Gillen's Über returns with a new series Über: Invasion drawn by Daniel Gete With Hitler's conquest of Europe complete, he is now sending his super-powered soldiers to invade America And the theatre of the surreal continues with the eight issue of Cinema Purgatorio with stories by[...]

Double Dose Of Alan Moore In Comic Shops This Week

Avatar Press is offering up a double-dose of Alan Moore this week Kicking it off with the second issue of Cinema Purgatorio as Moore teams with Kevin O'Neill as hosts for the new anthology that also includes writers Garth Ennis, Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen and Christos Gage and artists Paulo Caceres, Michael DiPascale, Ignacio Calero[...]

Max Bemis' Issues Of Crossed: Badlands Collected This Week

The latest Crossed: Badlands trade hits shelves this week from Avatar Press It collects issues #87-92 featuring the story arc by songer / song writer Max Bemis of Say Anything He's also done quite a bit of comic work including three series Polarity, Evil Empire and Oh, Killstrike for Boom! Studios and working on A+X[...]

Cinema Purgatorio, Crossed: Badlands And War Stories This Week From Avatar Press

Here are the Avatar Press new comics coming to comic book shops on Wednesday 5/4 These include the new Cinema Purgatorio from Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, Crossed: Badlands by Christos Gage and Emiliano Urdinola, and War Stories by Garth Ennis and Tomas Aira. Avatar Press is the Parent Company of Bleeding Cool. Cinema Purgatorio #1 Alan Moore[...]

Avatar Press Goes DRM-Free Digital For Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Max Brooks, Jonathan Hickman Comics And More

 Bleeding Cool's owner Avatar Press have launched their direct digital comics offerings - DRM-free comics from their range of extreme offerings from the biggest writing names in comics.And in Cinema Purgatorio's case, ahead of next Wednesday's mass-market comic store date.The work of Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Max Brooks, Jonathan Huckman, Si Spurrier, Antony[...]

The Final Issue Of Jonathan Hickman's God Is Dead Hits Shelves Tomorrow

This week, Avatar Press is shipping the final issue of God is Dead to stores The conclusion of the 48-issue run is written by Mike Costa and drawn by Emiliano Urdinola and has some pretty cool covers by German Nobile, Jacen Burrows and Ron Adrian Not listed in the solicitation below is that it's also[...]