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Alan Davis' AVX Cover For Secret Avengers #26 Is… Really Really Nice
What with Marvel announcing their Avengers Versus X-Men covers willy nilly, I have been taking the mickey out of them a little, playing with what seems to be sub-textual homo eroticism, stern faced warriors grimacing to each other, like something out of Women In Love. But this new cover to Secret Avengers #26 , another Avengers Versus X-Men[...]
Marvel Continues Their Yaoi Summer Event With The Cover Of Avengers Vs X-Men #2
Marvel continue their yaoi comic event running this year, looking at the love that dare not speak its name between Tony and Erik who find themselves inexplicable drawn to each other, with the cover to the second issue of Avengers Versus X-Men.       "I don't know why… but I find myself attracted to you…" Iron Man and[...]