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Avenue 5 Not Renewed for Season 3, Probably Cancelled
It appears Armando Iannucci's darkly satirical HBO space comedy Avenue 5 has been canceled Deadline Hollywood reported that it has not been renewed, the completed Season 2 has not yet been scheduled, and the cast has been released from their contracts The cable series is set forty years in the future when traveling the solar[...]
Wolf Like Me
Gad currently plays a tech-bro manchild in HBO's Avenue 5. Fisher, known for her roles in features such as Wedding Crashers and Definitely Maybe, is an underused comic talent who really should be seen in more productions Hopefully, Wolf Like Me will start to rectify that.  Peacock has ordered a full series of Wolf Like Me, a six-episode half-hour genre-bending romantic comedy[...]
avenue 5
What a difference a few weeks makes, eh? When Amando Iannucci's new comedy series Avenue 5 premiered back in mid-January, viewers and critics reacted with bafflement and confusion The show stars Hugh Laurie as the hapless captain of a luxury space cruiser that gets thrown off course Instead of a six-month jaunt through the galaxy,[...]
John Finnemore Joins Up Avenue 5 and Cabin Pressure
We mentioned that the great British comedy writer/actor John Finnemore was going to both be writing for and appearing in Armando Iannucci's sci-fi comedy Avenue 5, airing on HBO in the US and Sky One. And a brief stab at the end of last week's episode and a fuller appearance in this week's, confirm him as[...]
Need more? I didn't think so. https://youtu.be/rfwzI6_320AVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: HBO Coming Soon 2019 Fall / 2020 Midseason Trailer (https://youtu.be/rfwzI6_320A) "Avenue 5" (HBO) Okay, it is another space show, but this is in the future and stars Hugh Laurie Honestly, either one of those is enough to sell me… but together? Oh man[...]
HBO Lands Space Comedy From 'Veep' Creator Armando Iannucci
With HBO's Emmy-award dominating political comedy heading into its final season, the cable giant has greenlighted a pilot and back-up scripts for Iannucci's new comedy series Avenue 5 (working title) Created, written and executive produced by Iannucci, all that's currently known about the series is that it's reportedly set in the future on board a[...]