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The C.I.A. is Tabling at AwesomeCon This Weekend
will be in attendance at AwesomeCon in Washington DC this weekend, according to the convention's website and Twitter account. Talk about superheroes! Employees at the @CIA may not have acquired their abilities from a radioactive spider or a benevolent wizard, but they do have remarkable superpowers to protect America. The CIA will be at #AwesomeCon – make[...]
awesome con 2018 cosplay 2
Another Awesome Con has come and gone, and this year was exceptional for cosplay. People from all walks of life dressed up as their favorite hero, princess, or even alien, to celebrate all that is pop culture.
Day One Of AwesomeCon 2017! Cosplay! Mommy Rooms!
AwesomeCon in Washington D.C has grown a considerable amount in just five years Fans of all backgrounds are out in full force this weekend, and Friday was just the tip of the iceberg! I was also very surprised to see a room for moms, a quiet room, a room for press, and an amazing disability[...]
The History Of Comics At AwesomeCon 2017!
On Friday, June 16, fans at AwesomeCon got a chance to hear Joe Sergi from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and author of The Law For Comic Book Creators talk about the history of American comics. We can clearly trace stories as told through art all the way to when cavemen drew on walls, or even[...]