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Tony Harris & B Clay Moore Revive The Whistling Skull Without The JSA
Those six issues were meant to be the first of a forty-issue series-of-miniseries, but six is all we got. But now it seems that Tony Harris and B Clay Moore are doing it in reverse Getting the rights to the story back from DC Comics, removing all the references and appearances of DC Comics characters The[...]
Talking To B Clay Moore About Aloha, Hawaiian Dick
Today saw the announcement of Aloha, Hawaiian Dick, the new chapter in the fifties-set supernatural detective series by B Clay Moore and Jacob Wyatt. The critically-acclaimed tropical noir returns for a brand new series! While Byrd remains in 1954 Hawaii, we meet another Byrd back in the States, and his impending arrival on the scene is[...]
Which Whistling Skull Character Will You Cosplay As In 2013?
Whistling Skull came out this week, the long-awaited creator-owned comic book by B Clay Moore and Tony Harris, that somehow has become a JSA title. But the biggest question it raises is not how a creator owned comic book can be a JSA title (lots of lawyer and marketing fun), are the timeline jumps confusing (no,[...]
B Clay Moore And Jeremy Haun Sign Justin Lin Deal Over Oni's The Leading Man
Justin Lin, Fast And The Furious franchise director has signed on to develop comic book The Leading Man by B Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun for Universal. About the world's biggest blockbuster actor – who is also the world's greatest super spy, fighting terrorism In France In between trips to Cannes Mission Impossible meets Confessions Of[...]
Gail Simone And B Clay Moore: The Gender Politics Of The DC Relaunch
But we need more and some are available. Writer and ex-editor, B Clay Moore wondered where Gail was coming from He tweeted; B Clay Moore: What's your thinking here, Gail? Writers should be hired based on sex? Do you think they're being ignored? Gail Simone: I know Nicola [Scott] was offered projects But I don't want to speak[...]
Saturday Runaround – Skulls? You Can Whistle For Them
Much more today. SkullWatch: From B Clay Moore and Tony Harris' upcoming The Whistling Skull for… well… what was Wildstorm. StanWatch: As well as appearing at the Long Beach Comic Con in California this weekend, Stan is also appearing at Detroit Fanfare in Michigan today Impressive! PromotionWatch: Nairi Gardiner is to replace the retiring High Five member Patrick[...]