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Avengers Marvels Snapshot #1 Review: Remarkably Well Put-Together
Credit: Marvel The very, very clever script by Barbara Randall Kesel paints Kerry's picture that is very different from the truth, as the story reveals through a series of anecdotes and some truly challenging circumstances Her morning jog (which, based on both the events and her outfit, took place in the early 1980s) is interrupted by[...]
Titans Hawk Dove Rob Liefeld
This would be the team-up for 23 years until DC starting publishing Hawk & Dove Vol 2 #1 in 1988 from the creative minds of Karl Kesel, Barbara Randall Kesel, and Rob Liefled The five-issue miniseries was some of Liefeld's earliest work, and since Don Hall has been killed, they introduced a new Dove in[...]