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Won't Back Down Will Launch at Thought Bubble, For Planned Parenthood
Won't Back Down is a graphic novel anthology in aid of Planned Parenthood, edited by Trina Robbins, and including a wide range of contributors, including Lee Marrs, Alison Sampson, Steve Leialoha, Ken Steacy, Barbara Randall Kesel, Yanick Paquette, Signe Wilkinson, Christopher Golden, Marguerite Sauvage, Gene Ha, Carrie Tupper, Todd Klein, Twyla Dawn Weixl, Sabrina Jones,[...]
Page Three
And now he has something new, Page Three, another  collection of original comic book scripts for published titles, something that fans of the work and the authors can enjoy, and budding comic book writers can learn from, And follows Panel One and Panel Two, a decade on, now with Mark Waid, Barbara Randall Kesel, Kim[...]
Avengers Marvels Snapshot #1 Review: Remarkably Well Put-Together
Credit: Marvel The very, very clever script by Barbara Randall Kesel paints Kerry's picture that is very different from the truth, as the story reveals through a series of anecdotes and some truly challenging circumstances Her morning jog (which, based on both the events and her outfit, took place in the early 1980s) is interrupted by[...]
Titans Hawk Dove Rob Liefeld
This would be the team-up for 23 years until DC starting publishing Hawk & Dove Vol 2 #1 in 1988 from the creative minds of Karl Kesel, Barbara Randall Kesel, and Rob Liefled The five-issue miniseries was some of Liefeld's earliest work, and since Don Hall has been killed, they introduced a new Dove in[...]