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The Comic That Will Do Its Best Not To Show You Grayson's Backside
Much admired, this attitude has slowly moved from the appreciative fans to creators quite happy to pander to that audience. But Batman & Robin Eternal is having none of that nonsense Drawn by Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez they put Grayson into action scene after action scene. But each time preserving his posterior modesty.   Everyone's trying to get a visual, Dick[...]
SDCC '15: DC Announces Batman & Robin Eternal And Robin War
To follow up Batman Eternal, DC has announced Batman & Robin Eternal starting in October The weekly series will run for six months There will also be Robin War, a crossover between Robin: Son of Batman, We Are Robin and Gotham Academy. Scott Snyder and Jason Tynion IV will be joined by Tim Seeley for Batman[...]