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Wyrd Miniatures Reveals Pig Jockey For Malifaux And Bayou Bash
However, they are also to be given credit for games like Kings of Artifice, Death Comes Rattling, and now Bayou Bash Today, Wyrd has finally revealed the stats of their last Jockey model for both Malifaux and Bayou Bash alike, and the jockey's a real ham. The stat card for the Pig and its jockey, Bo Peep, as seen in Bayou[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals A New Rooster Rider For Malifaux And Bayou Bash
Run for the hills, it's a… rooster? Yes, that's right! Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop game company based in Marietta, Georgia, best known for their objective-based skirmisher wargame Malifaux, has released new information about the last Jockey for their premier game as well as a new game, Bayou Bash. The Rooster card from Wyrd Miniatures' silly Gremlin racing game,[...]