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Mojang released two new additions to Minecraft this week as we got the Caves & Cliffs update as well as the new Ben 10 DLC First off, the update is totally free and has been added to every single version of the base game on the planet, so everyone should have it as soon as[...]
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This week, Outright Games released a new trailer for Ben 10: Power Trip, showing off more of the gameplay for the upcoming title For this new trailer, the devs decided to do a little fan service by showing off all of the fan-favorite alien transformations Along with showing off some of the action you'll[...]
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Outright Games and PHL Collective revealed today that Ben 10: Power Trip will be getting released this October This game has been in development for a while now as Outright was super stoked to be producing this one for Cartoon Network, but we never really got a chance to try it out due to COVID-19[...]
Cartoon Network & Outright Games Announce A "Ben 10" Video Game
Some cool news today from Cartoon Network as the company is planning a Ben 10 video game, and they're working with Outright Games to make it Not a lot of info was released today by either company, only that it will be developed for consoles and PC to be released later this year Outright will[...]
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Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced another Ben 10 original graphic novel for middle grade readers by CB Lee and Mattia di Meo, with colors by Eleonora Bruni, set to hit stores in July 2020 Based on the popular cartoon network series, the graphic novel will be the latest in a series of Ben 10[...]
Manchester Mystery: Another Ben 10 OGN for 2020
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced another original graphic novel in the universe of Ben 10 Ben 10: The Manchester Mystery will be written by CB Lee with art by Francesca Perrone, and is set for release in March 2020. From the press release: Ben Tennyson isn't your average 10-year-old…he's also the wielder of the Omnitrix, an[...]
Ben 10 Goes Steampunk in New Graphic Novel Mecha Madness
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced the next middle grade original graphic novel based on the hit cartoon Ben 10 Written by CB Lee with art by Lidan Chen, Ben 10: Mecha Madness is set to hit stores in November and is described thusly by a press release: In this blast from the antique past, sprockets[...]
A First Look at Ben 10: The Truth is Out There is In Here
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has released a first look preview of their upcoming Ben 10 graphic novel, which is not, as the title implies, an X-Files crossover (though it should be) Ben 10: The Truth is Out There is written by C.B Lee with art by Lidan Chen, and is the first title in a line[...]
BOOM! Studios to Publish Another Middle-Grade Ben 10 OGN, For Science!
Ben 10: For Science! will be published as part of BOOM!'s KaBOOM! imprint for young readers, and is the second in a series of graphic novels produced in partnership with Cartoon Network, with the first, Ben 10: The Truth is Out There, by Lee and Lidan Chen, hitting stores in March. A press release contains more details: Ben[...]
Ben 10: The Truth is Out There
Wrong license. Continuing their Road to San Diego marketing campaign (it's a long road apparently), BOOM! Studios announced they've acquired the license to produce Ben 10 comics and graphic novels They intend to kick things off with a new original graphic novel by CB Lee and Lidan Chen called Ben 10: The Truth is Out There[...]
Cartoon Network's 2018-2019 Programming Lineup Largest Yet
Four additional new episodes return back-to-back on Sunday, March 18. Ben 10: Greenlit for a third season, Ben, cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max are ready for action New episodes from the current season, including a half-hour special will introduce the newest alien trying to invade Ben's world – Shock Rock, who is looking to conquer the[...]
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Purchase wisely, and as always, have fun! October 31 8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I (PC, PS4, XB1) Beast Quest (XB1) Ben 10 (PS4) Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back! (PC, PS4) Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (Switch) Dead Exit (XB1) Dead Hungry [VR] (PS4) Disneyland Adventures (PC, XB1) Dying Reborn (XB1) Monopoly (Switch) Maria The Witch (XB1) Monster Jam Crush It! (Switch) Perception (Switch) Pox Nora (Vita) Rabi-Ribi (PS4, Vita) Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure[...]
'Adventure Time' & 'Ben 10' Are Getting New Console Games
Cartoon Network made the announcement that Outright Games and U&I Entertainment would all be partnering together to bring Adventure Time and Ben 10 to console with two brand new titles Both of which will be set for release on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One Ben 10 will be the first of the two being[...]
Ben 10's Man Of Action Teams With Alpha Group US For New Original Animated Series
This project represents one of many ways we are approaching development and will anchor our growing slate of animation content. And Man of Action said (collectively I guess): Man of Action was very excited by the unique creative proposition brought forward by Alpha and WexWorks, and we look forward to creating a fantastic new story world to[...]
Castle of Horror: Krampus Is Here To End 2016 Once and For All
Or onYouTube. Twitter: castleofhorrorp. The Team: Hosted by Jason Henderson, writer of IDW's Ben 10 series and creator of the HarperTeen novel series Alex Van Helsing Featuring Drew Edwards, creator of Halloween Man, Tony Salvaggio of Clockwerx from Humanoids, attorney Julia Guzman of Guzman Immigration of Denver, and Jamie Bahr, lead singer and upright bassist of the rock and roll band Danger*Cakes. [...]
This Week, Ben 10 Met A Rob Liefeld Version Of Himself
There's the Rob Liefeld Cable shoulder pads, Rob Liefeld Shatterstar face mask, Jim Lee Warblade claws and Gambit floppy hair over the top of masks, and Whilce Portacio Iron Man vents, in this week's episode of Ben 10, he comes up against the nineties excess of comic books, as he meets those responsible for his[...]
Valiant Effort: Like This? You'll Like That – X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong Edition
Howard, Conan has been doing battle since the 1930's in pulp magazines, comic books, television, and film.  Conan's long presence in fiction include a comic book series running almost continuously since the 70's, two movies in the 80's and three television series in the 90's.  I think arguments can be made that Conan's importance to the pulp[...]
Louise Simonson Writes 'Super Secret Crisis War' For Cartoon Network Comics
Expect IDW to announce this during their presentation at the ComcisPRO event in Atlanta, Georgia today. But they are releasing a Cartoon Network crossover event this summer, starring Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Ben 10, Ed, Edd, & Eddy and more. And all their foes of course. It's called Super Secret Crisis War. Of course it is. And it's[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Game of Thrones To Emma Frost
Like these folks did. To see more of Ian's cosplay coverage be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all the latest in cosplay tutorials, pictures and convention updates. Ben Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien Force) : Roberto A Arias ( Photographer: Ernesto Javier Flores ( Magneto (X-Men First Class) : Annaka Cosplay  ( Photographer: Templar Digital photography Joffrey Baratheon (Game[...]
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It's a sticky, slippy slope. Ben 10 #4 gives us another line of toys if the publisher has any sense Shocksquatch I can see that being very popular come December. Ooh and look, redirects to the writer's own website,, as the Turtles meet the X-Files' Lone Gunmen And hopefully serve them with chips and sauce. Yup,[...]
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Cheers for that. Hey, Ben 10 #2, how do you know? Have you asked the mermaid? Maybe she's suffering from a wasting scale disease It's such a shoddy assumption. Robotech/Voltron #1 launches and to be frank I'm quite happy with that plot development Never really liked either Naturally your mileage may vary. Maybe, Kiss Me Satan #4, stop[...]