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Another run around the week's comics, published in time to maybe tempt you into adding one or more titles onto this week's stack. Gratuitous spoilers are avoided, no final pages here, though there may be some examples you may have preferred to read in context. Consider this a taster's menu and if you do come across anything spoilery, please don't spread it around without the acceptable warning language…

So…what comics are out today? And which of them did Chris Sims read yesterday?

I wonder what comic that could be?


That's right folks, Justice League #28! And a rather entertainingly infectious Metal Men these are as well. And given their new high profile Forever Evil/Justice League reboot, maybe they'll stick around longer than usual, before being smelted down…

Not sure why these versions need rivets though. Any suggestions?


New Warriors #1 does its best for international relations, as Scarlet Spider gets rather possessive of his country's borders.


Quantum And Woody. Turns out they are a couple after all.


Last issue saw Matt Kurdoch announce his Daredevil identity from the witness stand.This issue, we see the repercussions of that. And we also see some rather nifty panel-to-panel storytelling , like this thirteen panel grid. Who'd have thought three years ago, that Daredevil could regularly challenge Acme Novelty Library or Cerebus for this kind of thing.


Nick Fury Jr has enough identity issues this month. Daddy issues come to the fore in Captain America.


And even in Uncanny X-Men, he's getting comments from the peanut gallery. What's next, getting mixed up with Lawrence Fishburn?IMG_0010

This, right here, from Avengers World is the reason this kind of comic exists. To do utterly batshit stuff that no Avengers movie could ever get close to. You know, I really hope the Madripoor architects know their stuff and protected from the most extreme form of earthquake. Because this would be that.

Special Missions #12

Is that nipple looking at me, in GI Joe: Special Missions #12? They do seem to follow me around the room.


Although I don;t have that problem with these breasts in God Is Dead #7. Also, could probably do with a little waxing before hitting the beach, I think. More bizarre breasts later.

But yes, half naked men should drop other men, if they expect to get paid.


Could to see Conan at least contributing to the local economy rather than removing coins or gold from their environment. And when he releives himself afterwards, the liquids will return to the ecology. That's the green Hymerian warrior at work there. Talking of which…


Iceman in hell in Amazing X-Men. Needs to urinate, then suddenly doesn't need to urinate any more. Can we presume that Iceman is now, partially, made of yellow ice again. Because, from another X-Men era…


At least this time it's his own.


Harley Quinn, on Valentine's Day, in the bathtub, with only her beaver for comfort.

They do this on purpose you know.

Undertow knows the importance of water on the skin.


Yes sir! The realities of underwater action on the land is made very clear indeed in Undertow #1.


Well it can't mean wife anymore, Batwoman. Not in the New 52.Went to "Out With The Family", a same-sex parent family awareness event at the South Bank yesterday in London, with the kids. There were comics. So any other kids making a name for themselves this week?


I know Animal Man is being cancelled. But could we have a spinoff right here?


It could be a Terminator. Or it could just be some extreme body modifation fetish. It's comics, either is as likely.


I dunno, maybe toasted in a bun with some jalepeno sauce and a little spinach. Yes, yes, BPRD #116, I think I'd risk a bullet in the head.

Yeah, I'm on a diet right now, why do you ask?

BSHC_019_crop Bloodshot And The Hard Corps has one solution and I have to say its own that;s rather tempting right now. I mean, how bad can human flesh really taste?


That bad. Self-digested cellulite, yeah, okay, that's put me off going out and buying a bacon butty. Thank you Max Brooks for today's Extinction Parade. Of course some people just won't see it that way.


Such as the folks at Curse #2. You know that will come back to bit them… on the neck….


All I asked you was if you wanted to have a cup of coffee, Dawn Of Jedi #4.


You know, the more you shoot people, the more your dry cleaning bills will go up. Especially if you are wearing White Suits.


You see, as ever, it's okay if a woman says it. Even if the comic is being written by a man. Like in The Strain.


And one of them involved Candy Crush Saga. He put three candies together when he could have put all five together and never realised it, so he's really mad in Vader: Cry Shadow #3.


Pollution is really bad in these parts in Dark Horse Presents #33. Someone dumped a bunch of letters in the water supply and you can't move for purple prose clogging up the rivers.


Well, probably the Skyman superhero at 30,000 feets with strange contact lenses shoved up against his retinas, with the wind rushing in his face, as opposed to the pilot with a nice protective visor, and air conditioning. At a pinch.

Layout 1

Yeah, I'm not looking for it. There are laws, Bad Ass #2.

Layout 1

You know, Kings Watch #4, someone could always throw it at Mandrake. That might knock the smug smile of his face.


It's hard to be a homicide detective. Or not. Depends what we're talking here, in Voice In The Dark.


That seems quite the design flaw in Unity #4.

MidasFlesh_03_panelMidas Flesh #3 does emphasise quite emphatically the important of grooming when it comes to your prehistoric beasties.


And thus Bitcoin was born in Adventure Time #25


Robocop Memento Mori proves how unreliable the human, or the cyborg, memory can be. For example I remember the original Robocop as being rather good. But the new one managed to take all that away.


Loki: Ragnarok and Roll gives us a little brotherly banter over their respective maleness. You know, I don;t think any such aggression could reduce Loki's appeal somehow…


The Joyners 3D does a good expression of the facial expression I pull when trying to read 3D images with the stigmatism I have in my eyes.


Morning Glories turns into, well, Burn The Orphanage, it seems. Shoryuken!


Alex + Ada gives us a guide to jailbreaking your sex dolls so they can so things like… well… say no.


I'm rather glad Peter Panzerfaust didn't choose to insist on bows and arrows when transferring Red Indians/Native Americans to their Pannish wartime narrative.


The questions everyone wants to ask the younger Savage Dragon. And at least one of them appears to be a younger possibly female Kevin Smith.

Khan #5

That was the spookiest way that Location, Location, Location ever began, when Khan took over the presenting role.

Jericho #5

Hands, face, teeth and get in pyjamas? Maybe a song and a story? That's how it goes in our house anyway. You clearly have your own traditions involving ropes and chairs in Jericho #5.

Godzilla RoE #9
It may not be a heaven foir you, but it's heaven for dogs, in Godzilla #9.

Real American Hero #199

Real American Hero #199 again teaches us the problems of the work for hire contract, you just never know what you'll end up rewriting, which artwork you'll have to fix with dialogue, which assistant editor you'll have to blow to get a house ad. It's a sticky, slippy slope.

Ben 10 #4

Ben 10 #4 gives us another line of toys if the publisher has any sense. Shocksquatch. I can see that being very popular come December.

TMNT Conspiracy

Ooh and look, redirects to the writer's own website,, as the Turtles meet the X-Files' Lone Gunmen. And hopefully serve them with chips and sauce.

Yup, even the Turtes make me salivate right now.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting the work of Liz Prince, with an exhibition from her new book on Topshelf, Alone Forever, for which they are also selling an exclusive and limited bookplate edition.

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