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The New Comic Book Work Of Jonathan Ross And BLVD

At the BLVD booth (#1223), Tommy Lee Edwards, Trevor Goring, John Paul Leon, Sean Chen and Bernard Chang are selling a new comic, theBVLD Storybook 1.0 With five chapters featuring five very different stories by Jonathan Ross.British broadcaster Jonathan Ross has already had success with Tommy Lee Edwards on Image title Turf, with another book[...]

Todd McFarlane Draws Prince Of Persia – But Who Else?

The prequel graphic novel to the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, written by Prince Of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, with the following cover from Todd McFarlane.However, despite this book having been in production for a year, Dynamite don't list any other artists on the project in solicitations, giving us a blanket-wide "various".Well, there appear to[...]